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Jess Neale

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Jess Neale

December Thrifty Families Blog Carnival

Today the second edition of the thrifty families’ blog carnival went live and it couldn’t have come around soon enough. With Christmas just around the...
Jess Neale

Budget baking with The Bobs

Entertaining the kids on a budget is not always the easiest thing in the world to do, especially with the days getting colder and...
Jess Neale

Food glorious food

Last weekend I made my lasagne recipe for the family, which is one of my personal favourites to make (and to eat!). I do...
Jess Neale

Changing rooms the thrifty way

I’ve recently been on the flat hunt and will hopefully be making the move to London in the next few months. This got me...
Jess Neale

Water savings this Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday is all about ways to save  money and that is just what we at MyFamilyClub are all about. Whether it’s a top...
housing benefit

Housing benefit: 56,000 families to be £91 a week worse off

Affordable housing shortages could affect almost half of England by 2017 due to government welfare reforms, a Whitehall spending watchdog has warned. Whilst the government...
Jess Neale

Halloween party on a budget

It is Pingle’s Halloween party to celebrate his birthday coming up and I'm rather excited. But costs can often mount up for children’s parties...
christmas food shopping

Get over £40 off your food bill this Christmas

Turkey, brussel sprouts, mince pies; not forgetting the extras along the way, the Christmas presents, the stocking fillers – will Santa ever give us...
Jess Neale

New year, new you!

As the new year fast approaches it's time to start thinking about my new year's resolutions. Now, some might say resolutions are silly because why...
Jess Neale

Homemade Christmas

I’ve always had quite a creative nature and enjoyed making Christmas decorations and gifts; from Christmas crackers to photo scrapbooks and even a bit...
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