Lorraine Heller

Lorraine Heller

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Lorraine Heller

Because my freezer’s worth it!

January has been a very special month for me. Not because it’s the start to a new year, nor because it’s been a kind...
Lorraine Heller

Me time? What’s that?

Me time noun Time when you can do what you want to do: All mothers of young children should try to find some...
Lorraine Heller

Where to get your weekly bargains and freebies

We all like bargains, and we love freebies. And if ever there was a benefit to come out of these times of austerity, it’s...
Lorraine Heller

Why shopping makes more sense than exercise

One thing I hate is exercise. I’m sure my colleague Leo (MyFamilyClub’s fitness freak) would cough and splutter at the mere hint of someone...
Lorraine Heller

Roald Dahl Revolting Rhymes – Cinderella

Today we celebrate Roald Dahl Day, which takes place every year on 13 September – the great storyteller’s birthday. It’s a perfect day for...
Lorraine Heller

Pay-as-you go cleaners: the perfect solution?

Today, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m going to get a cleaner. Just the thought of it fills me with mixed...

When you can give supermarkets a run for their money

At what time of day can you save £20 just by hanging around in the right place at the right time? The answer to that...
Will disabled children lose out under Universal Credit?

Could your disabled child lose out under Universal Credit?

Families with disabled children could stand to lose up to £28 per week under the proposed benefits overhaul, according to a new report. If you...
Lorraine Heller

Blogger challenge: Meals from scratch – day four

Cooking everything from scratch mid-week is usually quite a mission, but I made an extra effort for my challenge for Food Revolution day...
Lorraine Heller

Do you have a question on child benefit?

We seem to have child benefit coming out of our ears (not literally of course, that would be nice…) The changes announced in George...
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