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Paul Prowse

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10 Ways To Get Cheaper Train Tickets

Travelling by train? Here's how you can get around those frustrating rail fare rises and get cheaper train tickets for the family. Rail fare price...
best supermarket price promise

Which supermarket has the best price promise?

Like Asda and Sainsbury’s, Tesco have now set up a ‘Price Promise’ scheme – which promises to refund shoppers the difference of their shop...

Government vows to cut cost of childcare by at least £2,000 a year

The Government has vowed to cut the cost of childcare for working mums, with the coalition considering a scheme that would allow families to...
cost of raising a child

Cost of raising a child is £4,000 more than just a year ago

The cost of raising a child has risen more than £4,000 from last year - with the overall cost coming to over £222,000! Education and...
woman stressed at work

Child benefit cuts + soaring childcare costs = stressed parent. Here’s how to cope!

A nasty surprise will come through the letterbox of over one million households this week, as letters from HMRC land on doormats across the...
housing benefit families

Will your kids have to live with you until they’re 50?

Do you struggle to pay the rent? It seems that more and more working families across the UK are reliant on benefits to keep...
womens pay gap

Women earn 14.9% less than men… for doing the same job!

We all know that a pay gap has long existed between men and women – but for the first time on record, the pay...
rising energy prices

The PM has promised to lower energy tariffs – but will it work?

Yesterday David Cameron promised to change the law to force energy companies to put every customer on the cheapest possible deal. But many think...
h&m free voucher

Get a free £5 H&M voucher for your jumble

Fancy a free H&M voucher? If you’ve got some old clothes knocking around, you’re in luck. H&M are giving away a £5 voucher to customers...
Would you serve out of date food?

Half of Brits would serve out of date food to their guests

Next time your friends invite you over for dinner, you might want to think twice – as research reveals that half of Brits will...
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