Share your story with us and you could win £50!

Share your story with us....

Share your story with us....Are your children mini budgeters and more likely to save rather than spend their pocket money? Do you love a bargain at the shops and spend more than you mean to on fashion, food and catalogues?

We did some research recently and found that three quarters of children in the UK have their own bank account and 81% of those have deposited money into their accounts within the last year!

However, we know that some parents are finding the economic downturn difficult and struggle juggling bills, travel and other household costs. If you’ve found yourself battling with debts but your kids are bucking the trend and saving more than they spend, we want to hear from you.

Drop us a quick note with your story and if we are able to use it, we’ll offer you a £50 shopping voucher as a thank you. Please email [email protected] with your story or for more information.