The MyFamilyClub Christmas wish list

jet pack

jet packChristmas wish lists bring out the inner child in all of us. After all, Christmas and wishes go hand-in-hand. When we asked staff at MyFamilyClub what they’d like for Christmas, we got some very surprising answers including fighter jets, vintage bikes and giant gumball machines.

Read them for yourselves!

Jess, Editorial Assistant

Under £20


Jess wants an iPhone cover. We suggested that she get this pretty, practical, waterproof Cath Kidston cover. It is impossibly cute and makes for a perfect addition to the contents of her handbag. It comes with a velcro pull-tab for easy access and is available at John Lewis for £15.

The outrageous Christmas wish

On the outrageous side of things, Jess would like a luxury trip to Australia. Might we suggest that she stays at the Crown Towers when passing through Melbourne? The Presidential Villa starts at around £17,056 a night with state-of-the-art technology, deluxe furnishings, and a round-the-clock butler service. Total cost including flights and two night stay= £20,135.

Number of Sainsbury’s 6x Deep Mince Pies you can buy for £20,135= 20,135

Alex, Operations Assistant

Under £20


Alex likes his gifts sleek and suave – ones that no-one else would think of. These are Smart Gloves and have conductive material sewn onto the fingertips so that you can wear them while using your touchscreen device. It means that no matter what the winter weather, you don’t have to take your lovely little gloves off to go tippity-tap on your smart phone.

They can be bought from IWOOT from only £8.99.

The outrageous Christmas wish

The JetLev- Flyer with  jet propulsion system uses water from hoses to create the thrust that lifts the wearer skyward, with a flexible supply hose tethered to the fuel source and controlled by throttle, flight controls, and flyer body commands. This is a clear office favourite and meant for those that can’t get enough of the sky and the sea at the same time. Priced at £80,000.

Amount of Asda Brussel Sprouts you can buy with £80,000= 40 tonnes.

Ash, Developer

Under £20

Fancy carrying Justin Beiber, Maddona and Skyfall in your pocket? Being a practical chap, Ash just wants a 16GB USB drive for Christmas this year. If Apple did fancy USB sticks, they’d be proud of this stylish one.

It is perfect for multimedia storage on the move and is priced at £9.49 from Amazon. James Bond would totally love this one.

The outrageous Christmas wish

Ash wants a yacht. Who doesn’t? Might we suggest this splendid one called the Maltese Falcon on sale for only a piddle at £95 million.

The 289-feet super boat has 25,791 square foot of space for sails alone. The insides are done up in modern décor with spiralling staircases connecting the multiple decks. Fake tan, dodgy shorts and gold chains not included.

Number of Lidl Christmas Puddings you can buy for £95 million= 31,772,575

Diana, Communications Executive

Under £20

If you are hunting for a gift for Diana this Christmas, all you’d need is a plain and simple iTunes Music Card.

The great thing about these cards is that Apple delivers it for free to the recipient without much fuss. The cards come in all shades and hues; some greener than others!

The outrageous Christmas wish

Diana’s outrageous wish doesn’t seem to be that outrageous after all. She wants a vintage bike. Might we suggest that super-twee saccharine-sweet Velorbis Danneborg for £925?

Apparently the bike is very Danish (whatever that means), is bright red in colour and boasts a luxurious Brooks brown leather saddle bag attached to it.

Number of Breo watches you can buy for £925= 464

Some other outrageous suggestions we received:

Possibly the grossest idea for a gift ever. Not. These are Giant Microbes. You can get yourself one for £7.99. Why grab yourself a nice little fluffy cushion when you you can snuggle in your bed with an Amoeba?

You can catch them all including: E.Coli, Common Cold, Swine Flu, Stomach Ache, Sore Throat and Kissing Disease.

It is one thing to have a sweet tooth, but an entirely different thing to be sweet crazy. This Giant Gumball Machine for £3,299 is made for those bonkers enough to want thousands of gumballs at hand in their bedroom. At over 6.5ft tall and 3.5ft wide, this huge vending machine holds 20,000 one-inch gumballs. Just don’t forget to brush your teeth at night.


The L39 Albatross jet is the ultimate toy for the discerning. Unfortunately it is not available at your local Argos.

Priced at £500,000, this second-hand toy is available to those that have completed the rigorous training that comes with it – which is priced at an extra £100,000. Good luck to all potential Top Gunners!

We hope you liked the little wish list, even though most of it was ridiculous. If you have even more outrageous Christmas present ideas, then share them below!

From all of us at MyFamilyClub, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!