Jess Neale

Jess Neale

Editorial assistant. Tracks what you're interested in and keeps you updated

christmas food shopping

Get over £40 off your food bill this Christmas

Turkey, brussel sprouts, mince pies; not forgetting the extras along the way, the Christmas presents, the stocking fillers – will Santa ever give us...
school uniform costs

Are you being ripped off by £52 million on school uniform?

How much do you pay for your school uniform? Too much? With the average cost of uniforms exceeding £200 for secondary school and £160 for...
breakfast clubs

UK food poverty increases – with kids going to school hungry

The recession has hit us all, but some of us more than others. The harsh reality is that Britain’s poorest children are going hungry...
Jess Neale

Halloween party on a budget

It is Pingle’s Halloween party to celebrate his birthday coming up and I'm rather excited. But costs can often mount up for children’s parties...
Jess Neale

Olympic torch brings a buzz to MyFamilyClub

Working in London you can literally feel the buzz of the Olympics (and I’m beginning to feel the delays too!) but this morning was...
Jess Neale

Blogger challenge: Meals from scratch – day two

In celebration of Food Revolution day next weekend, MyFamilyClub's Editorial Assistant, Jess Neale, spends her Sunday making all her meals from scratch....
Jess Neale

Thrifty tips for cheap family meals

Food glorious food… but wouldn't it been even taster if it wasn't so expensive? There are lots of ideas out there on how to...
Jess Neale

Bargain beauty buys and tricks

This week our twitter party was discussing some fabulous thrifty beauty tips and so I thought I’d share some of my favourites too. I...
Jess Neale

Water savings this Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday is all about ways to save  money and that is just what we at MyFamilyClub are all about. Whether it’s a top...
Jess Neale

Food glorious food

Last weekend I made my lasagne recipe for the family, which is one of my personal favourites to make (and to eat!). I do...
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