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Cheer up love, you look like a chopping board!

I love, love, love absolutely anything quirky or gadgety for the kitchen. In the next 10 years I will need a kitchen the size...

Boxing day doesn’t have to be boring!

When I was little I would always look forward to Boxing Day. As a family we’d go with our leftovers to my mum’s friend Jackie’s...
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Santa Claus mankini – one soon to be very lucky owner

So you know how it goes as you get nearer to Christmas. You hide the presents in places you think the kids will never...
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Mummy, how does Santa get down the chimney?

A very good friend of mine invited my kiddies to a Christmas party in his London house on Saturday 3 December. Now, this particular...
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Social media at it’s finest

And there it was. A huge, black spider with its legs all drawn up ready to pounce in my hair. It was sitting on top...
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Kids parties and hangovers don’t mix!

Children’s birthday parties are, at the best of times, hard work! Not to mention messy, noisy and exhausting. But when you’re nursing a MAJOR...
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Moving house and brussel sprouts

About four months ago, I decided that life just wasn't stressful enough, what with juggling a job, a commute, a marriage and two kids....
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Introducing Spaghetti Legs & Afro Baby

Spaghetti Legs (of the cooked variety) was born on the 19 July 2007, two weeks premature. Weighing in at 6lbs 12oz with a Mohican...
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Save £50 a month by being smart in the kitchen

Balancing the family budget can be a real headache – but it can also be a hugely rewarding feeling when you get it right! A...
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