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Paul Prowse

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counting pound coins

How to stop your savings from losing value

It’s a miserable time for savers. If you’re a basic-rate taxpayer, you need to find a savings account paying 3.37% or more if you...
David Cameron - energy plan

Cameron’s energy plan – will families really save £300 a year?

The government is planning to make energy companies automatically put customers on the cheapest deal - while cutting the number of confusing tariffs on...
woman stressed at work

Child benefit cuts + soaring childcare costs = stressed parent. Here’s how to cope!

A nasty surprise will come through the letterbox of over one million households this week, as letters from HMRC land on doormats across the...
pension changes

Pension boost for stay-at-home mums

The government has announced a big shake-up to pensions, with a new ‘flat-rate’ state pension expected to start in 2017. Will it mean more...
best supermarket price promise

Which supermarket has the best price promise?

Like Asda and Sainsbury’s, Tesco have now set up a ‘Price Promise’ scheme – which promises to refund shoppers the difference of their shop...
childcare changes

How many kids can a childminder cope with?

Childminders and nurseries are to be allowed to look after more children. Will it cut childcare costs, or just lower standards? British families spend an...
Are you the CEO of your household?

Are you the CEO of your home?

Are you the CEO of the household or do you live in a ‘start-up’? When it comes to managing money, the ‘typical’ British household...
Energy firms - mistrust

Energy suppliers forced to tell customers which is the ‘cheapest’ tariff

Energy regulator Ofgem will force suppliers to offer the cheapest tariff to customers, it has been announced today. Does this mean your fuel bills...
Father reads his 6-year-old son a bedtime story.

Do Dads read enough to their kids?

Only one in eight dads read to their children, according to research commissioned by reading charity Booktrust. The survey of over 1,000 parents revealed...
Cancelling gym contracts

New cancellation rights for gym members

Millions of gym members now have new rights to cancel their gym contracts, after several large gym chains were forced to make changes by...
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