Kitchen tips

Kitchen tips

How to save time and money in the kitchen

autumn recipes

10 cheap but hearty family autumn recipes

As the nights draw in those simple salads no longer hit the spot. It’s time for warming soups and hearty stews, so here are...

8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

As we all know, freezing food has many benefits. Obviously, the preservation of food is near the top of that list, and freezing food can...
plate imitating clock using vegetables and cutlery

Ten ways to make your food last longer

Finding ways to make food last longer can significantly reduce your family’s food costs. Whether common sense or hidden secrets, these easy steps will...
girl washing up

How the kids can help in the kitchen

We know we should teach the kids to cook, but it’s often such an episode! So instead of making it a holiday activity, involve...
Happy mother with children squeezed orange juice

The kitchen gadget to help you shed lbs and save £££s!

If you have never tried a juicer, now is the time.  They can be quite expensive pieces of kitchen kit but now there is...
family preparing lunch together

Kitchen time saving tips for quick family meals

Cutting corners in the kitchen doesn't have to mean unhealthy or unimaginative meals – in fact I’d say cutting corners is an essential skill...
cooking tools

10 best time-saving kitchen gadgets

While most ‘must-have’ gadgets end up gathering dust on the shelf, here’s our pick of some top kitchen time savers we can’t live without....
hanging mugs

10 kitchen storage tips for speedy access

We all waste time groping around the back of cupboards and rummaging for missing lids. However, some cunning storage items for your cooking gear...
tidy kitchen

How to reorganise your kitchen to save time

Let’s face it: meal preparing is often pretty rushed. If we’re not cooking or packing lunchboxes, we’re washing up! So here are some ideas...
Shelf Life LeadFeat

Smart Food Storage: Stretch the Shelf Life of Your Grocery Shop

Did you know the average UK household throws away over £500 of food a year? That’s more than £40 per month! Get savvy with...
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