Kitchen tips

Kitchen tips

How to save time and money in the kitchen

turkey leftovers

6 great tips for Christmas leftovers

Christmas leftovers needn’t be dreaded this year – it’s not just dry turkey sarnies and bubble and squeak (although I do love that made...
healthy family food

Kitchen Makeover! Healthy, easy, filling family food

The problem: Trying to maintain the year’s healthy start while also cooking warming, filling food for all the family. MyFamilyClub reader Melissa has been on...
feet on scales

Kitchen Makeover! Finding healthy but filling family recipes

After the excesses of Christmas, January is the traditional time we kick-start a diet or a healthy eating regime. That’s easy if you’re in...
Healthy eating on-a budget

Healthy eating on a budget: Real Family Food Challenge – Step 1

Welcome to the Real Family Food Challenge! Over the next four weeks, cooking guru Sian from Sian's Plan is going to show you how...
mother and child grocery

How to start a buying club – and save money on groceries

By starting a ‘buying club’ with friends and neighbours, you can buy groceries in bulk, save money and often improve on the quality of...
Shelf Life LeadFeat

Smart Food Storage: Stretch the Shelf Life of Your Grocery Shop

Did you know the average UK household throws away over £500 of food a year? That’s more than £40 per month! Get savvy with...
Tomato Soup

Why soups are your new best friends

Whether you love supping a big bowl of wild mushroom broth or devouring a figure-friendly serving of lentil and tomato soup, both professionals and...

Store cupboard Cleaners That Save Money And The Planet!

These days, there are hundreds of chemical cleaning products in the supermarket, all promising to make your surfaces sparkly and germ-free. However, they can...
real family food-challenge step 2

Real Family Food Challenge – Step 2

How did your Week One of the Real Family Food Challenge go? Is your store cupboard in tip top shape? If not, no worries....

Cheap Family Meals: Cut Your Food Bill Now!

Struggling to afford the rising food prices? Here are 10 top ways to guarantee cheap family meals without the hassle so you can feed...
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