turkey bean veg stew

Meal plan – Veg variety

We can live quite healthy without meat but we certainly cannot live a healthy life without vegetables. Make sure to eat at least two...
fish fingers

Meal plan – balanced diet

A balanced diet can be a synonym of quick, easy and delicious. All these recipes meet these requirements. This week's family meal planner includes quick...
meal planner week 3

Meal planner week 3

Click to download our meal planner, packed full of family-friendly recipes!       The delicious recipes you'll find in this week's meal planner include: Bean burgersand homemade paprika...
spicy lamb tacos

Meal plan – recipe challenge

Interesting fact about recipes: on average mums have eight cookbooks, yet only use five recipes from them. Try out this week's challenge to stick...
Spicy Bean Burritos

Meal plan – eating healthy

Transform your eating habits with these easy, cheap, quick and delicious recipes! Autumn is in full flow and you can really feel a drop in temperature, time...
vegetarian curry

Meal plan – balanced diet

As with every week, ensure that your family gets a healthy balance of all food groups at each dinner - my family share a...
fast meal plan

December meal plan 3 – fast and nutritious

With a busy and expensive week ahead, meals need to be fast and nutritious without costing the earth. Choose a good sized cauliflower with no...
fish and butter bean cassoulet

Meal plan – summer veggies

School's out soon and family routine is going to be disrupted. Great if you can manage a lie-in a couple of mornings, but not...
meal plan quick and easy

Meal plan – easy family recipes

A variety of basic cooking skills and ingredients is all that is needed each week to keep a family healthy. With the simple yet...

MyFamilyClub weekly meal planner

Click on the image below to download our seven-day meal planner, packed full of family-friendly recipes put together by the team at MyFamilyClub!
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