Family-friendly meals that promise to be easy on your time and your budget

turkey mango and lime salad

Turkey mango and lime salad

This is a delicious recipe from Caroline Marson to use up leftover turkey and ham after the Christmas festivities. It works really well on...
butternut squash lasagne

Butternut squash, bacon and mushroom lasagne

Recipe tip: this recipe is designed to feed a crowd and is either inexpensive OR time saving OR both. Many of these will be...
turkey macaroni

Kitchen Makeover! Using up Christmas leftovers Part II

We’ve already seen why the success to Christmas leftovers comes down to giving your leftovers a radical makeover. But if you’re not a fan of...
mussels and garlic bread

Mussels in cider with garlic bread

Recipe tip: an inexpensive recipe to feed four with a target price of £5 or less. Mussels have lots going for them – they’re fantastically...

Kitchen Makeover! Using up Christmas leftovers Part I

For mums everywhere, Christmas is an event that requires military levels of organisation and Olympian levels of energy. There are presents to buy, wrap...
Pancakes with ham and cheese

Cheese and ham pancakes

Recipe tip: this recipe is designed to help people utilise leftovers and minimise waste in the kitchen. Having spent much of Christmas cooking, it’s difficult...
chicken noodles

Ginger chicken with sesame noodles

Recipe tip: this recipe involves no more than 15 minutes preparation and 30 minutes cooking time so a total of 45 minutes from start...

Kitchen Makeover! Cracking the Crockpot Part II

Last week we heard from MyFamilyClub follower @msetoonie, who was having trouble getting flavor into crockpot meals. In the first part of this Kitchen Makeover,...
apple and spice

Spiced apple meringue

Recipe tip: this recipe is designed to make a simple but treaty family pudding. Adding cloves, cinnamon and brown sugar to stewed apples transforms them...
roast veg

Roast lemon chicken with honey root vegetables

Recipe tip: this recipe is designed to feed a crowd. It is also freezable so could be made in advance, or made in bulk...
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