Family-friendly meals that promise to be easy on your time and your budget

creamy chicken

Creamy chicken a la King and fragrant rice

This quick and easy chicken dish is a treat when using fresh cream, but you can always use natural yogurt or mix a teaspoon...
cheese and onion potato balls

Cheese and onion potato balls and piquant sauce

Crispy balls that children and adults will love. Serve with butcher sausages or home made battered fish for a quick treat. I usually make...
fresh tomato soup

Fresh tomato soup

A gorgeous looking, tasty tomato soup that will keep you going until teatime. It can be stored and reheated, so nothing goes to waste....
lamb moussaka

My big fat moussaka

If you have cooked up this batch recipe ahead of time it is a great comforting recipe to have ready and waiting in the...
Bubble and squeak

Bubble and squeak

Tasty way to use up leftover vegetables especially from a roast dinner. Make sure the pan is piping hot before you add...
chunky fish recipe

Chunky fish with homemade tomato relish

Baby salad potatoes taste great with this dish, plus there’s no prep to do -  just pour them into a pot of mildly salted...
lamb koftas

Lamb koftas

Traditional Lamb Koftas are simple meatballs with spices added to create Eastern flavours. Koftas can be made using pork, beef, turkey or chicken mince...
chicken and vegetable pasties

Chicken and vegetable pasties

Keep enough chicken and vegetables leftover from the Sunday roast to make these delicious pasties. Wrap them in greaseproof paper and let children eat...
apple and spice

Spiced apple meringue

Recipe tip: this recipe is designed to make a simple but treaty family pudding. Adding cloves, cinnamon and brown sugar to stewed apples transforms them...
tomato and lentil soup

Bacon, lentil and tomato soup

        Ingredients Serves 6 3 Rashers of streaky back bacon - smoked1 Medium red onion, finely chopped1 Clove garlic, chopped1 Sprig of rosemary, choppedOlive oil1 Stick of...
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