Tips, recipes and planners for cheap and easy family meals

devils tomato sauce

Devil’s tomato sauce

Add a few drops of tabasco to this delicious home made sauce. Any leftovers can be used on bread or rolls to make quick...
Christmas Trifle Lily Vanilli

Lily Vanilli’s Festive Trifle

  An incredible and delicious feast by London baker, Lily Vanilli. This trifle is sure to set your taste buds dancing for hours. You can make...
butternut squash soup

Butternut squash soup

Use up the rest of the butternut squash to make this delicious refreshing soup with hint of exotic flavours that will have you thinking...


Traditionally pancakes are served on Shrove Tuesday to use up all flour, eggs and sugar before the fasting. Experiment with fillings, although the traditional...
vegetable pasta bake

Vegetable pasta bake

A clear favourite with children and adults alike. I often make this recipe the night before and tuck into it on a busy night....
family cooking meal planner

September meal planner 3 – Family cooking

A week in France recently reaffirmed the importance of sharing meals together as a family. In fact I noticed that every member of a...
Easy To Prepare Meals LeadFeat

My Family Meal Planner – Super Cheap And Easy To Prepare Meals

This week we've got five of favourite mid-week meals. Of course, these all still keep within dietary and food waste guidelines, PLUS they're cheap...
puff pastry pizza tart

Quick puff pastry pizza tart

If you haven’t time to make your own pizza base use a sheet of puff pastry as I have in this recipe. Use a...
mexican chilli bean soup

Meal plan – mexican feast

Mexican for dinner every day this week? Your family might look at you like you're a bit mad. However they'll soon agree each meal...
fishermans pie

Fisherman’s pie

This delicious healthy pie is a balance of all the nutrients you want for the whole family. If I have any spinach in my...
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