Tips, recipes and planners for cheap and easy family meals

mussels and garlic bread

Mussels in cider with garlic bread

Recipe tip: an inexpensive recipe to feed four with a target price of £5 or less. Mussels have lots going for them – they’re fantastically...
real family food challenge step 3

Real Family Food Challenge – Step 3

We've got through steps one and two of the Real Family Food Challenge in association with Sian’s Plan and we hope you're all enjoying...

Anything goes quesadilla

Keep a pack of flour tortillas handy with leftover veggies like sweet potato, butternut squash or carrots. Then hunt through the fridge and pull...
Forest Holidays

Rhubarb And Ginger Gin Cocktail And A Walk Through The Forest

All those that don't like gin raise your hand! hmmmmm, didn't think so. Well, Autumn is rhubarb season so your'e in luck if you...
turkey mango and lime salad

Turkey mango and lime salad

This is a delicious recipe from Caroline Marson to use up leftover turkey and ham after the Christmas festivities. It works really well on...
five a day meal plan

November meal plan 4 – get your 5 a day

Recent figures show that 70% of us are not getting the five a day we need to keep us well over the Winter. The...
family meal planner

August meal planner 2 – Spice up your life

You’ve heard the words ‘variety is the spice of life,’ well believe it or not spices pack in more benefits to our health than...

Caramelised milk pudding

Milk puddings are having a come back and about time. Comforting, cheap and nutritious. This dessert has just a little something extra which places...
pea and onion frittata

Pea and onion frittata

This pea and onion frittata is perfect for a healthy meat-free meal. It's not only filling, but inexpensive and easy enough to whip up...
chocolate cheesecake

Easter cheesecake

Claire asked for help creating an Easter meal that was traditional but didn’t cost a fortune and we think this recipe for chocolate cheesecake...
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