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Banking & insurance

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How to make a car accident claim

How to make a car accident claim

If you drive, the likelihood is that you – like millions of UK motorists every year – will one day be involved in a...
hidden money

5 places to look for money that could be yours

There are literally billions of pounds worth of unclaimed money sloshing around in Britain’s financial institutions.  It’s worth taking a little bit of time...
cheaper home insurance

Five tricks for cheaper home insurance

When it comes to home insurance, we all want to find the level of cover we need at the lowest possible price. And a...
credit card protection

Credit card protection: Your consumer rights

Shopping with credit cards affords you certain legal rights. But the power to use them is only available to credit card users who know...
credit card blocks

Your guide to understanding credit cards

There are lots of different credit cards available on the market but not all of them will suit your financial needs. Take time to...
dental insurance

How do dental insurance plans work?

With the cost of some treatment reaching tens of thousands of pounds, a dental insurance plan can give you peace of mind and...
financial safety net

Paying too much life insurance?

If you already have a life insurance plan, it’s definitely worth reviewing it in case you’re paying too much. Here are some of the reasons...

Cut the cost of borrowing

Borrowing money isn’t something many of us like to do, but when it comes to a few things in life – such as getting...
payday loan debt

Overdraft charges: 5 things you need to know

Millions of Britons use overdrafts occasionally to cover unexpected outgoings, while many or us are so regularly in the red that we rarely have...
best home insurance

How to find the best home insurance

Millions of cash-strapped British families are leaving themselves vulnerable to financial disaster by failing to take out adequate home insurance. But getting the buildings insurance...
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