Benefits & savings

Benefits & savings

All you need to know about child benefit, tax credits, benefit entitlements and savings

The Importance of Child Savings

It feels like every month there is a brand new “must have” toy, video game or piece of technology released for children. They may...
Best cash ISAs

Beat the taxman with the best cash ISAs

Even though ISA interest rates are awful at the moment, they’re still a must-have savings option. Below we explain why this is - and...
Macmillan writing will

How to get a discounted will with Macmillan Cancer Support

Writing a will might be the last thing on your mind - but if you die without one, there is no guarantee your assets...
Universal Credit housing benefit changes

Universal Credit – how will it affect your housing benefit?

From October 2013, Universal Credit - a new benefit for people of working-age - will be rolled out across the country, replacing housing benefit....
best junior isas

Best Junior ISAs: The ultimate guide

Do you want your kids to get a head start in life and get them financially savvy at the same time? Of course you...
Children's savings

Children’s savings: how to save money for kids

Children's savings accounts vary enormously. Some banks pay as little as 0.2% interest, others pay up to 6%. Some let you withdraw the cash...
How to pay less tax

10 easy ways to pay less tax

There are a number of simple (completely legal!) ways you can pay less tax. Here are the 10 best ways to quickly cut your...
how to beat inflation

How to beat inflation

Are your savings losing value because of inflation? Here’s how to get a decent return on your money. If you want to make a return...
Maternity benefits

Maternity rights: what family benefits can you get?

If you’re pregnant or have children there are a range of maternity rights and family benefits available – but many of them are NOT...
tax and budget

Tax and benefit changes – how will you be affected?

George Osborne’s 2013 budget announced developments that will affect us all over the next couple of years – but there are also changes to...
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