Benefits & savings

Benefits & savings

All you need to know about child benefit, tax credits, benefit entitlements and savings

Maternity pay

Maternity pay – the basics!

Maternity pay can be confusing.  There is contractual maternity pay, Statutory Maternity Pay and Maternity Allowance.  Find out which you can claim –...
tax and budget

Tax and benefit changes – how will you be affected?

George Osborne’s 2013 budget announced developments that will affect us all over the next couple of years – but there are also changes to...
Maternity benefits

Maternity rights: what family benefits can you get?

If you’re pregnant or have children there are a range of maternity rights and family benefits available – but many of them are NOT...
Sure Start Maternity Grant

Sure Start Maternity Grant – the basics!

Looking for help with the costs of caring for a new baby?  The Sure Start Maternity Grant is a £500 payment to parents with...
child savings

How to build savings for your child

All parents want to give their children the best possible start in life, and investing in a savings scheme of some kind is a...
best savings rates

How to find the best savings rates

Putting money into a savings account every month is no easy task, but if you do manage to put something aside, make sure you...
savings account deal

Two weeks left to get top savings account

Just one company is offering savings accounts that will completely protect your money from rising prices… But the deal might be gone by 17...
heating grants

Heating grants could save you £100s this winter

Millions of pounds worth of heating grants and Warm Home Discounts go unclaimed every year – simply because families aren’t aware they exist. Worryingly,...
Money Saving Life Hacks LeadFeat1

British Parents Start Saving For Their Child To Leave Home Aged 12

New research by a money saving website in the UK has revealed that the average British parent will start saving for their child leaving...

We Reveal The Top 10 Myths On Debts And Repayments

Most of us have debts of some sort of the other. Whether it’s credit card debt, an overdraft or a mortgage, debts need to...
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