Benefits & savings

Benefits & savings

All you need to know about child benefit, tax credits, benefit entitlements and savings

pension plan

What you need to know about pensions

The word ‘pension’ describes the income which is provided to somebody when they are in retirement. A ‘pension plan’ is the investment vehicle which...
Junior ISA Shepherds Friendly

Why should you save for your child’s future?

On first look you may think there isn’t a huge amount of difference between a child’s savings account and a Junior ISA (JISA). In...

An easy guide to benefits

You might not think benefits are for you, particularly if you’re in work. But it could be that you qualify for some support. And...
guide to investing for children

A mini guide on how to invest for your children

Here's a little guide on how to invest in your child's future and teach them about the value of saving. From Junior ISAs to...
Maternity pay

Maternity pay – the basics!

Maternity pay can be confusing.  There is contractual maternity pay, Statutory Maternity Pay and Maternity Allowance.  Find out which you can claim –...
legal guardianship

How to appoint legal guardianship for your children

As much as they moan, cry and scream at us, exhaust us, and drain our bank accounts, we love our children unconditionally and would...
how to beat inflation

How to beat inflation

Are your savings losing value because of inflation? Here’s how to get a decent return on your money. If you want to make a return...
Shepherds Friendly

Save For The Future of Your Children With Shepherds Friendly Society

Save For The Future With Shepherds Friendly With rising expenses and low living wages, it is important that we consider and think about how our...
gift of giving

How to make the most of what you give to charity

Christmas is over, so what are you going to do with your unwanted gifts? If you take the children’s discarded toys to the local...
best junior isas

Best Junior ISAs: The ultimate guide

Do you want your kids to get a head start in life and get them financially savvy at the same time? Of course you...
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