Family budgeting

Family budgeting

Practical tips on budgeting, cutting costs in the home and managing your finances

new year resolution

The best financial New Year’s Resolution that you can make

A brand new year is a fantastic time to make some long lasting changes to your finances. However, the problem with financial planning is that...
dream christmas

Have your dream Christmas (on a budget)

The light switch-on ceremonies have begun, the supermarkets and shops are decked out like winter wonderlands, and the tear jerking adverts are coming thick...

Debt Problems? Get Debt-Free In 10 Simple Steps

As bills and credit card statements keep piling up on doormats, many people panic about running up debt problems. Follow our simple 10 step...
three children sitting around open piggy bank

Pocket money: teaching kids the value of money

It’s a thorny subject in some households and lucky is the parent who has never heard the words: “but Jonnie in my class gets...
saving the pennies

Top 10 financial resolutions for 2012

January’s long dark nights make this month the perfect time to sort out your finances, and there’s never been a better time to make...
My Money Week

It’s My Money Week!

This week is the fifth annual My Money Week, which is all about teaching kids about how to be savvy with their money. MyFamilyClub...
expenses calculator

Ten steps to getting your finances back on track

Many of us are struggling to repay debts and look after our families at the moment, let alone save for the future. But there...
budget letters over coins

Your 30 minute budget makeover

If you’re a new mum or dad, you’ve probably not had a chance to sit down - let alone develop a household budgeting plan....
hate the bank

10 things we hate about our banks

Despite statistics showing that we are more likely to get divorced than switch current accounts, our relationships with our banks do not always run...
CTFs and Junior ISAs explained

CTFs and Junior ISAs explained

Child Trust Funds (CTFs) have now been closed to new savers and replaced by Junior Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs). Here, we look at the differences...
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