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Home & bills

How to get the best deals or cut costs on your utilites, mortgage and car

fixed price energy tariff

Is now the time for a fixed price energy tariff?

In this recent article, we showed you how you can find the cheapest energy supplier and save hundreds of pounds a year. The question...

14 Shockingly Simple Ways To Cut Your Energy Bill

If you’re happy with your energy supplier (or have already switched to the cheapest energy deal) here are 14 shockingly simple ways to save...
Solve your Christmas debt hangover

Cure your Christmas debt hangover

Got Christmas debts to pay off? Shifting your debt to a 0% ‘balance transfer’ credit card can save you £100s (or even £1,000s) of...
Family on a sofa

Buy now, pay later – is it a good idea?

When finances are tight, finding enough cash to pay for things in full could be a challenge. Buy now, pay later schemes will enable...
keep warm this winter

How to keep warm this winter without higher bills

With freezing temperatures, a blanket of snow covering the country and more on the way, keeping ourselves toasty is top priority. But aside from...
b&q promotion and competition

Get free tiling tuition from B&Q

The summer holidays for many of us mean time for home improvements… but this doesn’t need to come with high bills. Save money by...
how to reduce your gas bill

How to reduce your gas bill

Is your gas bill flaming mad? We've got 7 ways to reduce your gas bill - one tip can save you over £200 a...
Cut The Cost Of Your Mortgage

Martin Lewis On How To Cut The Cost Of Your Mortgage

Martin Lewis shares his views with MyFamilyClub readers on 'How To Cut The Cost Of Your Mortgage'. Is now the perfect time to cut...
ways to save money at home

Infographic: 6 ways to save money at home

Do you dread the monthly utility bills landing on the doorstep or eating away at the bank balance? Our homes can be the most...
first time buyers

First-time buyers: Fees and costs

Buying your first property can be an expensive thing to do, so it’s important to be aware of all the potential costs you will...
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