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inefficient driving

£7bn wasted through inefficient driving

English motorists are losing £7 billion in car costs every year because of inefficient driving, the Energy Saving Trust says. On average motorists could be saving £270 each, which works out as 20p per litre of petrol or diesel,...
pay day loans

Government urged to act against payday loans

The Government is again being urged to act against payday loan providers following the news that a man was recently given a more than 5,600,000% interest rate for repayment on his loan. The man borrowed £450 fro...
time of use tariffs

Wasting money on ‘time of use’ electricity tariffs

Many people with "time of use" tariffs for their energy bills may be paying more than necessary because they do not own storage heaters or are not turning on their household equipment at the correct time, according to consumer ...
job insecurity

Job insecurity leading to thousands working ill

Worries over job security and the threat of redundancy are leading to an increasing amount of people going to work when they are ill. Absence levels have fallen from just under eight days a year to less than seven - coinciding wi...
super-fast broadband

Super-fast broadband for all by 2015?

Households across the country could soon benefit from access to super-fast broadband as the Government pushes ahead with new plans for universal access. The new measures aim to make it easier for cable companies to install broadb...
places to bring up a family

‘Top 20 best towns to raise a family’

The market town of Wokingham has been named the best area in England and Wales in which to bring up a family. According to research commissioned by Family Investments, the Berkshire town - which has a population of 30,000 - score...
writing a will

The importance of writing a will

Although no one likes to think about it, writing a will should be a must for any parent, as failure to do so could mean the only legacy we leave behind is a financial mess. It may not be top of your to-do list right now, but next...
benefit cuts welfare

Benefit caps to affect millions of households

Parents on welfare must make a "financial decision" about whether to have more children as the Government continues to look at introducing benefit caps on how much money they receive. This warning from George Osborne co...
rail fares

Government reduces rail season ticket price hikes

Good news for rail season ticket holders! Annual fare rises in January 2013 and January 2014 will not be as high as planned. The Government had intended to allow train companies to raise the average price of regulated fares - whi...
snorers retirement

Snorers could receive £12,000 pension boost

Heavy snorers could potentially receive thousands of pounds of extra income in retirement simply by declaring their underlying condition when buying an annuity. MGM Advantage found that people who have sleep apnoea, of which heav...
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