Kitchen tips

Kitchen tips

How to save time and money in the kitchen

turkey ready

10 tips to save time in the kitchen on Christmas morning

Unless you’ve got a Harry Potter wand, a festive lunch with all the trimmings won’t appear by magic. Perfectly cooked turkey, yummy roast potatoes...
food myths

Top 5 food waste myths – busted

Why are we really wasting £50 a month throwing away good food? It just doesn’t make sense! Emma Marsh gets to the heart of...
chillis and diary

Saving time in the kitchen

Having a family means endless cooking - or so it can seem! But with a bit of thought and planning, there are some cunning...
Assortment of fruits and vegetables

10 quirky ways to use leftovers

Wasting food is wasting money (£50 a month to be precise!). Before you throw away the shriveled carrot or the odd egg white, take...
homemade cuppa

3 easy edible gifts that are cheap to prepare

Whether your cooking skills stretch to triple-layered chocolate cake or simply warming a shop-bought pie in the oven, making an edible gift is definitely...
Jaffa cake

Welcome to the Taste-Factor taste test!

Did you know that you can save money on your weekly shop without having to make harsh sacrifices or cut anything out? It’s true; if...
mother and child grocery

How to start a buying club – and save money on groceries

By starting a ‘buying club’ with friends and neighbours, you can buy groceries in bulk, save money and often improve on the quality of...
food labels

Understanding food labels

With food prices increasing no-one wants to waste food but we also don’t want to risk making our families ill.  Once we’ve made sense...
plate imitating clock using vegetables and cutlery

Ten ways to make your food last longer

Finding ways to make food last longer can significantly reduce your family’s food costs. Whether common sense or hidden secrets, these easy steps will...

8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

As we all know, freezing food has many benefits. Obviously, the preservation of food is near the top of that list, and freezing food can...
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