Kitchen tips

Kitchen tips

How to save time and money in the kitchen

store cupboard

Store cupboard secrets for meals in minutes

A well-stocked store cupboard is absolutely key for the family cook who’s under constant pressure to throw together appetising meals in minutes for a...
bread growing in size

Size matters: a guide to portion control for the whole family

Are your eyes bigger than your kids’ bellies when it comes to mealtimes?  As mums it’s our instinct to “feed them up,” but pile...
shopping list for a meal plan

Top 10 menu planning tips

Fed up with stressing over what’s for dinner?  Meal planning can save time and money, cut waste and mean you all eat better too. ...
Healthy eating on-a budget

Healthy eating on a budget: Real Family Food Challenge – Step 1

Welcome to the Real Family Food Challenge! Over the next four weeks, cooking guru Sian from Sian's Plan is going to show you how...
Supermarket advice

What we can learn from supermarkets to save money

Supermarkets have always needed to be reactive to customers’ changing needs, because it’s so easy for us to take our custom elsewhere. That’s why...
turkey ready

10 tips to save time in the kitchen on Christmas morning

Unless you’ve got a Harry Potter wand, a festive lunch with all the trimmings won’t appear by magic. Perfectly cooked turkey, yummy roast potatoes...
piggy in fridge

How to stock your freezer

Freezers are all about planning ahead, saving time and money and making family life easier. The trick is to know your freezer, use it...
Tomato Soup

Why soups are your new best friends

Whether you love supping a big bowl of wild mushroom broth or devouring a figure-friendly serving of lentil and tomato soup, both professionals and...
feet on scales

Kitchen Makeover! Finding healthy but filling family recipes

After the excesses of Christmas, January is the traditional time we kick-start a diet or a healthy eating regime. That’s easy if you’re in...
hanging mugs

10 kitchen storage tips for speedy access

We all waste time groping around the back of cupboards and rummaging for missing lids. However, some cunning storage items for your cooking gear...
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