Tips, recipes and planners for cheap and easy family meals

packed lunch

Packed lunch or school meals? We compare costs and nutrition

How do you decide which is best for your children – a packed lunch, or the school meals provided? Price and nutritional value are...

Kitchen Makeover! Cracking the Crockpot Part II

Last week we heard from MyFamilyClub follower @msetoonie, who was having trouble getting flavor into crockpot meals. In the first part of this Kitchen Makeover,...
apple and spice

Spiced apple meringue

Recipe tip: this recipe is designed to make a simple but treaty family pudding. Adding cloves, cinnamon and brown sugar to stewed apples transforms them...
hanging mugs

10 kitchen storage tips for speedy access

We all waste time groping around the back of cupboards and rummaging for missing lids. However, some cunning storage items for your cooking gear...
Supermarket advice

What we can learn from supermarkets to save money

Supermarkets have always needed to be reactive to customers’ changing needs, because it’s so easy for us to take our custom elsewhere. That’s why...
roast veg

Roast lemon chicken with honey root vegetables

Recipe tip: this recipe is designed to feed a crowd. It is also freezable so could be made in advance, or made in bulk...
slow cooker beef

Kitchen Makeover! Cracking the Crockpot Part I

“I use my crockpot a lot and can’t get the stew gravy to taste of anything!” @msetoonie tells us on Twitter. Crockpot cooking is a...
pork chops

Chinese BBQ pork chops with red cabbage & ginger slaw

Recipe tip: an inexpensive recipe to feed four with a target price of £5 or less.  Pork is usually less expensive than other meats...
girl washing up

How the kids can help in the kitchen

We know we should teach the kids to cook, but it’s often such an episode! So instead of making it a holiday activity, involve...
mashed potato

Mashed potato pizza with tomato mozzarella

Recipe tip: this recipe is designed to help people utilise leftovers and minimise waste in the kitchen. Once you’ve discovered how to turn leftover mash...
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