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cranberry-salad Recipe 04 April 2014 Cranberry power salad»

Cranberry power salad

Combined, these ingredients provide a powerful punch for general wellness, good skin and extra energy.   More »

Huevos rancheros Recipe 11 April 2014 Huevos rancheros»

Huevos rancheros

It makes for a very easy, filling, and delicious breakfast or supper dish.   More »

greek salad Recipe 04 April 2014 Greek salad»

Greek salad

This typical Mediterranean dish is not only delicious and refreshing it also has huge health benefits.   More »

creamy mushroom and chicken crepe Recipe 21 March 2014 Creamy chicken and mushroom crepe»

Creamy chicken and mushroom crepe

Delicious light pancakes with creamy chicken and mushroom filling. Try this quick easy and filling meal for your family.   More »

turkey ham potato pie Recipe 21 February 2014 Turkey and ham potato pie»

Turkey and ham potato pie

An easy, economical dish that the whole family can enjoy. Use leftovers if you have them, if not it's still super cheap to make from scratch.   More »

poached haddock Recipe 14 February 2014 Poached haddock with cheese sauce»

Poached haddock with cheese sauce

Haddock is usually deboned which is a delicious flaky fish for children.   More »

fish pasties Recipe 30 January 2014 Fish pasties»

Fish pasties

This recipe is a great trick to get children to eat fish. You can also use up extra vegetables like diced carrots, peppers to add extra nutritional value.   More »

easy lentil soup Recipe 27 December 2013 Easy lentil soup»

Easy lentil soup

On a cold winter's day all you want for lunch is something to warm you up - try this lovely lentil soup.   More »

veggie burger Recipe 16 December 2013 Spicy veggie burger »

Spicy veggie burger

Mashed potatoes form the basis of this recipe, which makes for a delicious leftover/green day.   More »

tomato sauce Recipe 16 December 2013 Homemade tomato sauce»

Homemade tomato sauce

Much healthier than the bought variety - use cold as a topping for burgers and sausages or as pizza sauce or hot with pasta.   More »

turkey vegetable broth Recipe 16 December 2013 Turkey, bean and vegetable stew»

Turkey, bean and vegetable stew

This delicious stew thickened with a little cornflour is equally as good with turkey or without as a vegetarian dish.   More »

roast turkey Recipe 12 December 2013 Succulent roast turkey and delicious gravy»

Succulent roast turkey and delicious gravy

Just follow these instructions to get one of the most succulent turkeys around.   More »

Toffe-Brandy-Sauce Recipe 11 December 2013 Toffee brandy sauce»

Toffee brandy sauce

A delicious treat now to enjoy and again. Pour over ice cream or serve with Sticky Toffee Christmas Pudding.   More »

Winter vegetable lasagne Recipe 11 December 2013 Winter vegetable lasagne»

Winter vegetable lasagne

Try to use local vegetables for this dish, substitute for vegetables growing in your area.   More »

Jacket potato Recipe 11 December 2013 Twice baked cheese and onion baked potato»

Twice baked cheese and onion baked potato

Serve the baked potatoes on their own or with any meat or vegetarian dish.   More »

Bubble and squeak Recipe 06 December 2013 Bubble and squeak»

Bubble and squeak

Tasty way to use up leftover vegetables especially from a roast dinner. Make sure the pan is piping hot before you add the cakes.   More »

Cranberry sauce Recipe 11 December 2013 Cranberry and port sauce»

Cranberry and port sauce

A great value homemade sauce where the flavour could not be equaled and the recipe couldn't be easier.   More »

lentil hot pot Recipe 22 November 2013 Vegetable & lentil hot pot»

Vegetable & lentil hot pot

As usual a delicious meal, made in minutes, using ingredients from your efficient store cupboard. Spice it up with pepper sauce or chilli.   More »

Coleslaw Recipe 08 November 2013 Coleslaw»


Delicious, nutritious and suitable all the year round. Nothing beats home made coleslaw.   More »

Top 10 November recipes Feature 05 November 2013 Nom nom nom! 10 mouth-wateringly scrumptious dishes for November»

Nom nom nom! 10 mouth-wateringly scrumptious dishes for November

Autumn is the perfect time to indulge in some delicious comfort food. Try these top 10 recipes for November!   More »

2 for 1: beef stew & beef pie Recipe 01 November 2013 2 for 1 - beef stew & beef pie»

2 for 1 - beef stew & beef pie

Cook once and get two meals. A delicious beef stew with a beef pie the next day.   More »

Tandoori chicken Recipe 01 November 2013 Tandoori chicken»

Tandoori chicken

Delicious boneless chicken pieces coated in spicy yoghurt and left to marinade for up to 8 hours.   More »

Foccacia Bread Recipe 01 November 2013 Focaccia bread»

Focaccia bread

Foccacia bread is a flattish Italian bread made with yeast.   More »

Shredded Cabbage Recipe 01 November 2013 Shredded steamed cabbage»

Shredded steamed cabbage

Steaming cabbage is by far the healthier way to cook most varieties of cabbage.   More »

roast chicken 2 for 1 Recipe 25 October 2013 2 for 1 - roast chicken and chicken chow mein»

2 for 1 - roast chicken and chicken chow mein

Cook once and get two meals. Meal one is roast chicken and meal two is chicken chow mein.   More »

Fish fingers home made Recipe 18 October 2013 Fish fingers home made»

Fish fingers home made

Fish is a great source of protein, which is needed for the growth of all the tissues of our body.   More »

roast citrus chicken Recipe 22 November 2013 Roast citrus chicken»

Roast citrus chicken

Intensify the flavours of your roast chicken with lemon, limes and oranges, complimenting the winter vegetables.   More »

spaghetti bolognese Recipe 08 November 2013 Quick spaghetti bolognese»

Quick spaghetti bolognese

This recipe takes a total of 30 minutes and you can reduce the cost by using less meat and adding chickpeas.   More »

Sweet and sour green bean stir fry with quinoa Recipe 18 October 2013 Sweet and sour, green bean stir fry with quinoa»

Sweet and sour, green bean stir fry with quinoa

Quinoa is an excellent replacement for animal protein, and packed with nutrients.   More »