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Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe 25 July 2012 Homemade vanilla ice cream»

Homemade vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream is a summertime classic, and this is an easy way of making it without needing an ice cream maker.   More »

tuna potato frittata Recipe 28 May 2013 Tuna and potato frittata»

Tuna and potato frittata

This family friendly recipe is easy enough to whip up after a busy day and fantastic cold the next day for a packed lunch or a picnic.   More »

gnocchi Recipe 25 July 2012 Gnocchi with peas and bacon»

Gnocchi with peas and bacon

This cheap and easy family recipe is perfect for a filling end-of-week meal. Cooked with ham and peas in a creamy, rich sauce it's very satisfying.   More »

fish and couscous salad Recipe 16 July 2013 Fish and couscous salad »

Fish and couscous salad

A cheap family meal ideal for mixing with leftover chicken, salad, herbs and fish. Fantastic for a warm sunny day.   More »

victoria-sandwich Recipe 28 May 2013 Victoria sandwich»

Victoria sandwich

No Jubilee tea will be complete without a slice of a traditional victoria sandwich cake to accompany the bunting and flags.   More »

coronation chicken Recipe 25 July 2012 Coronation chicken»

Coronation chicken

It may be a bit retro but Coronation Chicken is easy as well as an inexpensive dish, perfect as a main or on the side.   More »

Coconut and Lime Rice Pudding Recipe 25 July 2012 Coconut rice and lime pudding»

Coconut rice and lime pudding

Turn everyday rice pudding into something rather special, by cooking in coconut milk with a hint of lime.   More »

good meat pie Recipe 25 July 2012 Good meat pie»

Good meat pie

Pies are comforting, inexpensive and tasty! Here’s an easy recipe that you can adapt to your time and the ingredients available.   More »

pork cashew nut Recipe 25 July 2012 Pork and cashew nut stir-fry»

Pork and cashew nut stir-fry

A quick recipe that can be adapted depending on preference and what you have to hand.   More »

fish and potato bake Recipe 25 July 2012 Fish pie»

Fish pie

A delicious fish pie with a crispy topping made with sliced, boiled potatoes and eggs cracked into the fish and leek filling.   More »

Pork schnitzel Recipe 25 July 2012 Pork Schnitzel with spaghetti milanese»

Pork Schnitzel with spaghetti milanese

Children and adults alike will love this crispy pork Schnitzel served with tomato spaghetti milanese.   More »

beef stew Recipe 25 July 2012 Beef, guinness and mushroom stew with dumplings»

Beef, guinness and mushroom stew with dumplings

A delicious basic stew recipe that can be made with a variety of leftover vegetables.   More »

cod bake Recipe 25 July 2012 Quick bake cod with mozzarella and vegetables»

Quick bake cod with mozzarella and vegetables

A quick and easy fish dish that is packed full of flavour and can be simply prepared and served for the family.   More »

chocolate mayonnaise cake Recipe 28 May 2013 Chocolate mayonnaise cake»

Chocolate mayonnaise cake

Out of eggs but want a delicious chocolaty treat? Try this beautifully light and moist cake recipe, kids will love to help make.   More »

chicken casserole Recipe 25 July 2012 Red wine chicken casserole with herby dumplings»

Red wine chicken casserole with herby dumplings

An easy rich and warming casserole, using chicken thighs and drumsticks to keep the price down without compromising flavour.   More »

blood oranges Recipe 25 July 2012 Orange surprise pudding»

Orange surprise pudding

A gorgeous pudding that can be made with blood orange to add a rosy glow and floral note. Delicious with pouring custard.   More »

poached eggs Recipe 25 July 2012 Poached eggs with spinach and mushrooms»

Poached eggs with spinach and mushrooms

A great simple recipe to cook in a hurry, and can be prepared for a delicious family brunch.   More »

Chicken tonnato Recipe 25 July 2012 Chicken tonnato (with Italian tuna sauce) »

Chicken tonnato (with Italian tuna sauce)

A silky tuna sauce that is great for kids and a lovely way to serve up leftover chicken, or rare roast beef.   More »

chocolate cheesecake Recipe 25 July 2012 Easter cheesecake»

Easter cheesecake

A delicious pudding that has chocolate eggs hidden in the top for a sort of gastronomic Easter egg hunt!   More »

lamb dinner Recipe 25 July 2012 Easter lamb»

Easter lamb

A cheap alternative to an expensive leg of lamb this easter. Slow roasted it's a delicious recipe the whole family can enjoy.   More »

upside down pizza Recipe 25 July 2012 Upside down pizza»

Upside down pizza

Put leftover bread to good use with this unusual recipe for pizza with a twist. Let the kids get creative with their own version too.   More »

lasagne slice Recipe 25 July 2012 Beef lasagne»

Beef lasagne

This recipe serves 4-6 people and is a real family favourite. Freeze any leftovers, or reheat for lunch the next day.   More »

quesadilla 25 July 2012 Anything goes quesadilla »

Anything goes quesadilla

Use up leftover veggies like sweet potato, butternut squash or carrots for these delicious fried cheesy tortillas.   More »

mini pizza Recipe 25 July 2012 Mini pizza faces»

Mini pizza faces

Feed your mini monsters with these tasty treats. A quick and easy recipe that the kids can help out with too.   More »

roasted broccoli Recipe 25 July 2012 Roast broccoli and cauliflower pasta»

Roast broccoli and cauliflower pasta

A quick recipe to try with kids to get them to eat their vegetables. The raisins add a touch of sweetness they’ll find difficult to resist.   More »

tarragon chicken Recipe 25 July 2012 Tarragon chicken & thyme potatoes»

Tarragon chicken & thyme potatoes

This recipe is quick and easy to prepare, serves four and the kids will love it too.   More »

chocolate mousse Recipe 25 July 2012 Crunchie-tastic chocolate mousse»

Crunchie-tastic chocolate mousse

Chocolate: check! Honeycomb: check. Sticky, gooey, lickable fingers: check. Seriously happy children, double check!   More »

Recipe 04 May 2012 Cumin and coriander, cheesy potato balls»

Cumin and coriander, cheesy potato balls

An easy peasy recipe that the kids will enjoy. Can be served with or without fish.   More »

dhal Recipe 25 July 2012 Dhal with red onion, coriander and lime relish»

Dhal with red onion, coriander and lime relish

A thick and nutritious dish made with split lentils that is cheap and easy to prepare.   More »