A frumpy baby in a ski suit

Lorraine Heller

Lorraine HellerIt always seems to be harder to get out of bed in the winter. Over the past week (maybe it’s the sudden cold spell?) when it’s been time to get up I’ve just buried deeper into the duvet and tried to ignore the world around me.

This has inevitably meant I struggle out of bed late for everything. No longer time to wash my hair, can’t find something decent to wear… and make up suddenly becomes an unnecessary luxury.

I stumble down the hill towards the station, my nose getting redder by the second from the horrible, biting morning cold. I push my way onto a train, rush to catch a bus, make it into the office and I’m now too hot from all the extra layers I’ve thrown on.

The hat and earmuffs come off (yes, I wear both together) – and with them my hair flies up in all sorts of static dances. I strip off the gloves and my knuckles are red and chapped from the cold. I pull off my coat and all the layers of clothing underneath have jumbled up and ridden around to all the wrong places.

So it’s only 8am and I feel (and look) a complete mess.

I read today that this nasty cold spell will last for a month (where did I read that, it can’t be true?! It’s supposed to be spring soon!) so I’ve decided that I need to start a quick, cheap glamour regime so I’m not Miss Frumpy all winter.

For anyone who feels like me, here are my tips:

  • No time to wash your hair? Puff a little talcum powder into your roots, brush it out and no-one will ever know you skipped the shower! Or buy a dry shampoo for the same job.
  • Find a three-minute make-up session that works for you. Cover blemishes and black bags with a cover stick, apply a lick of mascara and a swirl of blusher. Sorted!
  • Buy a few tubes of hand cream and keep it everywhere – in the kitchen, by the bed, in your handbag, in the office. Keep hands moisturised to stop them going red, dry and chapped.
  • Do the same with lips. Vaseline does the trick.
  • Dig out your old jewellery and accessories and put them somewhere easy to see and access. It’ll just take a second to grab something that matches the day’s outfit, and will give your look a new lift.
  • Take a look at this 10 minute makeover for some great ideas on a speedy pamper.

Now, with that all down I’m ready to leave the office for the day. On come the layers, the coat, the gloves, the earmuffs, the hat… I feel like a baby in a ski suit, unable to bend my arms and legs or turn my head. Thank goodness no one can see me.