A hoarder’s money-making clear out

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jax guest blogger familyOK, I’m ready to confess. I have a problem. I hoard. It’s beyond time to declutter, but it pains me to just throw stuff out, not least because it’s not very green. So I’d like to kill two birds with one stone and raise a bit of money while decluttering. Here’s how I’m going to do it.

Online booksellers

It’s easy to sell books through Amazon, but they take a high rate of commission and as there are so many professional sellers, it’s difficult to even cover your postage at times. Instead I’m trying out Greenmetropolis.com who charge £3.75 per book and credit your account with £3 each time you get a sale.

Music Magpie

For CDs and DVDs I could use Amazon, but I’ve found that to be unsatisfactory. Instead I’m going to give MusicMagpie.co.uk a whirl as I’ve seen them recommended by other bloggers. Apparently you just type in your barcode and it tells you what you’ll get. I’m not sure that I’m going to get rich selling Queen Live Killers for 98p but at least it’s out of my house and it’s better than nothing!

Car boot sales

I’m a car boot sale virgin. I’ve never been to one to buy and I’ve certainly never been to one to sell. The idea of going out early in the morning with a car full of my cherished items for other people to paw through and sneer at is deeply unpleasant. Despite this, I know it might be the only way to get rid of things that are too low in value to sell online, but too good to just be charity shopped. I’m still pondering it. Will need to find some courage first.

Reuse and upcycle

Another thing I find useful is to be inventive when going through piles of stuff to dispose of. Cloth nappies can become floor cloths or even washable wipes. However, I think what I need to do is have one plastic box of clothes that are going to be upcycled, and when it’s full, everything else gets charity shopped or recycled.

Clothing exchanges

If you’re fortunate enough to have one of these around it’s a great way to deal with clothes that still have plenty of wear.  For example, I’ve got a variety of Guide, Brownie and Beaver uniforms that the children have grown out of.  I can’t keep them as the odds are they won’t be current by the time the smaller two need them.

Our local clothing exchange will be able to sell them on quickly and I get a cut of the profits. No messing around and taking pictures  as you’d need to if selling online and then the profit can be given to Big who grows out of things every time I blink.

So there you go. My top five ways to remove things from the house, hopefully bringing in some money at the same time. I’ll be writing further about how this all works for me on my own blog.

Jax is a home educating mother of four who blogs at Making it Up about books, products, children and life.