A virtual supermarket at London Waterloo please!


After a long day at work (and with the launch of MyFamilyClub, the days have been rather long – but lovely, if you’re reading this Gemma!) food shopping and then cooking is a pain!

I’m a vegetarian, my boyfriend isn’t, and so thinking of quick and interesting meals each night which we’ll both like can get tricky! I waste a lot of time browsing the supermarket aisles for inspiration, then end up going back to the fresh pasta shelf.

Imagine my delight when I read a recent article in Marketing about Tesco plastering the walls of subway stations in South Korea with pictures of their products, laid out just as they’d be in a traditional supermarket. The “shelves” featured bar codes which could be scanned by the traveller’s mobile phone, building up a shopping basket in the few minutes before their train arrives. Deliveries could be sent in minutes, getting to the shopper’s door as they arrive home! Amazing.

Here is my attempt to get something similar at London Waterloo – please TeTesco-Homeplus-Subway-Virtual-Store-in-South-Korea-1sco, please! I’d virtual shop there each night with delight. Online shopping on an iPhone app really isn’t the same, or as much fun, I want to virtual shop in a supermarket poster!

We do of course, have some fab and inspiring recipes from  The Kitchen Revolution on the site – mashed potato pizza with tomato mozzarella is genius! I’m just rather lamely going to have to go into a real supermarket and buy the ingredients (come on Tesco, think virtual at Waterloo.)