How to get a discounted will with Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan writing will

Writing a will might be the last thing on your mind – but if you die without one, there is no guarantee your assets will go to your loved ones.

By taking advantage of Macmillan’s discounted will writing service you’ll save money

If you haven’t written a will yet, you may leave your family a financial nightmare to deal with after you’re gone. And there’s no guarantee your property, savings and assets will go to your nearest and dearest.

Whatever age you are, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily get your will sorted – so you have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be protected.

We’ll also show you how to get your will written for less with Macmillan’s discounted will writing service.

I’m not old – why do I need a will?

We understand – it’s just one of those things you just haven’t got round to yet, you might feel you’re too young, or you’ll do it… soon, but there are plenty of reasons why you should act now:

  • Firstly you have to think about what would happen if you die without a will – it can take months or even years to sort out your estate and it can be a very difficult and upsetting time for your surviving family.
  • If you have kids you might want to think about who would look after them and make sure there are funds to help.
  • If you’re an unmarried couple the law isn’t too savvy with this, so you shouldn’t expect anything to go to your partner if you don’t have a will.
  • You can detail your specific funeral plans so your family doesn’t have to make the decision, you can even hire the catering for funeral services ahead of time
  • If you have a ‘joint tenant’ mortgage it will automatically pass to the other owner, if you’ve got a ‘tenants in common’ mortgage, it’s important to say in your will what happens to your share of the house.

The three main functions of a will

Writing a will has three main functions:

  1. To name the person (or people) who will look after the financial process when you die (the executors). This is normally a close friend or relative.
  2. To distribute your estate (everything you own at the point you die – such as your property, car, savings etc.)
  3. To be inheritance tax efficient. If you die without a will there are strict rules about how your estate is distributed. Your money may not go to who you want it to go to and could well be inefficient for inheritance tax

Essentially writing a will is a way to make sure your loved ones get what they’re due and save them £1000s in tax. Plus by taking advantage of Macmillan’s discounted will writing service you’ll save money too.

How to use Macmillan’s discounted will writing service

Macmillan Cancer Support provides practical, medical and financial support and pushes for better cancer care. With the number of people with cancer growing every day, they strive to reach and improve the lives of every one of those people.

With Macmillan Cancer Support’s will writing service, they’ve made it easy for you to write your will for a discounted price.

They’ve handpicked some of the top will writing organisations that you can trust.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a service below that suits you and your location on Macmillan’s will writing page
  2. Get in touch using the contact details listed
  3. Quote the special Macmillan discount code for your money off

There is no obligation to leave a gift in your will to help the wonderful work of Macmillan Cancer Support when you use this discounted service. However, any gift you do leave them (no matter how small) will make a difference and help provide vital support to those affected by cancer.

Why Edna’s leaving Macmillan a gift in her will

Macmillan Edna case study

“I went through cancer eight years ago, and was so grateful for the support I got from the Macmillan centre across from the chemo unit. It had such a lovely atmosphere.

“One in three people will develop cancer, so the chances are someone among the people I love may need Macmillan one day.”

Below are the will providers who offer a discount through Macmillan:

Which? wills

Locations: England and Wales

If you’d like to make your will online, this service offers an easy and affordable option with the added comfort of knowing that you can call an expert by telephone if you have any questions.

Save up to £40: Discounted single will is £69 (£20 saving) and a mirror will (a joint will for couples) is £109 (£40 saving).


Locations: England, Scotland and Wales

This option is perfect if you’d like to make your will directly with a solicitor. You can do this over the phone, by email or at one of Shoosmiths’ ten branches in Southampton, Basingstoke, London, Thames Valley, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester or Edinburgh.

10% off: £116 single will or £134 for mirror wills (joint wills for couples)

The Goodwill Partnership

Locations: England, Wales and Northern Ireland

If you’d prefer to meet someone face to face, this service is an affordable way of doing it. You’ll be visited at home by a trained professional, who will then pass your instructions to the panel solicitor to provide your will.

Discount price: £98 + VAT single will (lowest price for a face to face will writing service in England and Wales)

Pagan Osborne

Location: Scotland

If you live in Scotland, you can make your will with these established solicitors at their office in Edinburgh. They will also make home visits free of charge to Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife.

24% off: £235 + VAT single will

To use the service and claim your discount visit the Macmillan website.

Feel free to go here: