Benefits & savings

Benefits & savings

All you need to know about child benefit, tax credits, benefit entitlements and savings

child benefit what you're entitled to

How much child benefit will I get?

Changes to the child benefit system mean that not everyone will automatically get the same amount of child benefit, as was previously the case....
picking a savings account

How to pick a savings account

  Whether you are saving for a rainy day, a holiday or a new car, it is vital to choose the right sort of account. Otherwise,...
best child savings account

Where to find the best child savings accounts

Saving money for your children is hard enough without having to trawl through never-ending research on the best way to save. But there are...
Shepherds Friendly

Save For The Future of Your Children With Shepherds Friendly Society

Save For The Future With Shepherds Friendly With rising expenses and low living wages, it is important that we consider and think about how our...
working tax credit

Can I claim working tax credit?

Tax credits can be a great help financially, especially if you have lots of mouths to feed at home. However, many people miss out...
heating grants

Heating grants could save you £100s this winter

Millions of pounds worth of heating grants and Warm Home Discounts go unclaimed every year – simply because families aren’t aware they exist. Worryingly,...
best junior isas

Best Junior ISAs: The ultimate guide

Do you want your kids to get a head start in life and get them financially savvy at the same time? Of course you...
clutching at pennies

Your guide to children’s pension

Ask anyone if they’re confused and mistrustful of pensions, and they’ll say yes. That’s not surprising as most people overcomplicate the issue, but this...
How much tax do I have to pay?

How much tax should you be paying?

Tax is a huge subject. Accountants and financial advisers have their work set out for them in helping the population to get their head...
Macmillan writing will

How to get a discounted will with Macmillan Cancer Support

Writing a will might be the last thing on your mind - but if you die without one, there is no guarantee your assets...
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