Benefits & savings

Benefits & savings

All you need to know about child benefit, tax credits, benefit entitlements and savings

unhappy investor

Unhappy investor? Keep calm and carry on!

The UK financial markets went down for nine successive days at the end of last month – so it probably doesn’t feel like a...
Child benefit changes in the Budget

Budget 2012: Child benefit changes are softened

Families have been fretting over the Government's plans to reform the child benefit system for months, with the proposals throwing up a range of...
Macmillan writing will

How to get a discounted will with Macmillan Cancer Support

Writing a will might be the last thing on your mind - but if you die without one, there is no guarantee your assets...
personal pension plan

How to start a personal pension

As a nation, we are living longer. That’s great news – but it also means we are likely to need much more money to...
child tax credits

How much child tax credit am I entitled to?

Child tax credit can be worth thousands a year, depending on your household income and how many eligible children live in your household. Read on...
SureStart Maternity Grant

£500 Cash Grant For New Parents

Sure Start Maternity Grants are a one-off payment of £500 to help towards the costs of having a child. The grants are available to people on certain income-related benefits who are expecting their first child or for those expecting a multiple birth and have children already.
savings account deal

Two weeks left to get top savings account

Just one company is offering savings accounts that will completely protect your money from rising prices… But the deal might be gone by 17...
How to pay less tax

10 easy ways to pay less tax

There are a number of simple (completely legal!) ways you can pay less tax. Here are the 10 best ways to quickly cut your...
Junior ISA Shepherds Friendly

Why should you save for your child’s future?

On first look you may think there isn’t a huge amount of difference between a child’s savings account and a Junior ISA (JISA). In...
bank notes

How to protect your savings

Looking after your savings is crucial when you have a family. But with interest rates being low and debts getting higher, it’s tricky to...
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