Chocolate-fuelled power walks… That counts, right?


It’s my first day back after Christmas. When the alarm went off this morning it felt like the middle of the night – it was cold and very dark. I am now counting the days until summer and trying to set some cheerful, life-bettering new year’s resolutions. Here it goes:

1. Exercise more – even if it’s just making sure I walk to Waterloo each day from the office, plus I’ll walk up the stairs at work (we’re on the fourth floor, so that’ll be good for the thighs).

chocolate ban- eating less chocolate2. Eat less chocolate – as I’m writing this I spot a tube of pink smarties next to Lorraine’s desk and have just shoved a handful in my mouth. This might be a tricky one with so many treats flying around the office…

3. Leave the office before 6:30 each day – it’s 6:38 and I’ve only just starting writing this, so that’ll need some work!

4. Watch less TV – it’s mid-season break for most of my favourite shows, so this may last a short while. Those Mad Men teasers that they’re already airing aren’t helping though… I might dig out my box set this evening. That’s not technically TV, right?

5. Shop smarter – this one I can do since my lovely MyFamilyClub membership pack arrived in the post. My Boots card in particular will get some good use.

6. Eat more vegetables – easy peasy since I’m a vegetarian

7. Keep away from meat – easy peasy since I’m a vegetarian.

8. Learn something new – another easy one since there is so much good content on our website, with experts like Henrietta Oxlade giving some fab advice on making the most of your money.

9. Spend less, save more – having just used our savvy spending calculator, I am shocked to learn I spend over £1000 a year on soup (our office is next to an EAT, who do fab soup!) Buying a blender and making my own in 2012 will certainly save me a few pennies!

10. Enjoy life more – generally having even more fun than last year, but with my plan to eat less chocolate and spend less, this might be a little tricky.

I’ll let you know how it goes, or perhaps you might see me power walking to Waterloo, eating chocolate.