Easy as lemon squeezy to confuse Big Mamma


Owl and juicerThe Big Mamma of the house can be extremely ditzy sometimes. I actually watched her recenently use the green end of the juicer and expect to get lime juice out of it!

How does that work then Big Mamma?

It’s a great gadget, easy to hold in your hand, and allows for a great wrist twist to get maximum juice out of the lemon or lime.

A neat trick if you don’t want any pipperoonies in your juice is to let the juice trickle through your cupped hand and the pips will stay on the top of your fingers.

This particular funky item Big Mamma bought in the shop next door to Rick Steins Fish n Chip shop in Padstow, Cornwall.

Owl is MyFamilyClub’s guest blogger. He lives with his adopted family of two adults and two very naughty children. His blog is all about things he loves – these are mainly centred around kitchen gadgets and gizmos that save you time.