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prevent home from leaking money

Prevent your home from leaking money

It’s so easy for our homes to leak money if we’re not careful about how we use energy and water.  Here’s a guide on some of the simplest savings you can start making today.

Five tips to save money in the home:

1. Draughts

Full draft-proofing can save you £55 a year. Check your windows, doors, floors and letter boxes; fix these with self-adhesive strips, sealants and draught excluders.

See how to apply for low-cost draught-proofing loans here.

2. Insulate

Insulating your loft can save you £225 a year, and cavity wall insulation can save around £110 a year.

See how to apply for insulation grants here.

See how to apply for low-cost insulation loans here.

3. Drips and leaks

A dripping tap costs us £7 per year, while leaking pipes can cost us much more.

4. Switches and dials

Save money by turning off lights when leaving a room, even if the bulbs are energy-saving.  Also remember not to leave appliances on standby or charge things unnecessarily.

Turn down the thermostat if you can; reducing your room temperature by 1°C can cut your heating bills by up to 10% and save you around £60 per year.

See how you can reduce your electricity bill.

5. Kitchen savings

Kettles: only boil the water you need. You could save up to £7 a year.

Make sure diswashers and washing machines are full before turning them on.

Turn off the tap when you don’t need it!  A running tap wastes six litres of water a minute.

See how you can cut your water bill.

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