Garlic free fingers


owl with garlic gadgetsIf there is one thing Big Mamma likes cooking with it’s garlic. If there is one thing BM hates her fingers smelling of… it’s garlic!

BM has an impressive collection of garlic gadgets, her newest and favourite is the Chef’n Zoom that she bought her husband for Christmas, well, Santa delivered it in his stocking in the morning.

These are a collection of our favourite garlic related items so far:

On the left: Odour Beater Stainless Steel Everlasting Hand Soap from Amazon @ £1.99
In the middle: Garlic Crusher from Amazon @ £19.50
On the right: Chef’n Garlic Zoom from Amazon @ £8.36

Owl is MyFamilyClub’s guest blogger. He lives with his adopted family of two adults and two very naughty children. His blog is all about things he loves – these are mainly centred around kitchen gadgets and gizmos that save you time.