Halloween party on a budget

Jess Neale

Jess NealeIt is Pingle’s Halloween party to celebrate his birthday coming up and I’m rather excited. But costs can often mount up for children’s parties and organising them can be a real pain.

My sister is a bit of a creative genius, and has managed to come up with a master plan for a cheap and cheerful kids party that will entertain without the need for an over-priced children’s entertainer called Zippo.

Being from a larger family I’ve grown up with traditional parties at home – jelly and ice cream, musical chairs; you know the ones. I even had my own Halloween themed party a few times and it was always a massive hit. With a little bit of imagination and a few bin liners, it’s amazing what you can achieve.

Here’s how we’re transforming one family home into a spooktacular Halloween extravaganza!


First thing to do is decorate, and the cheapest and most effective way to deck the halls in a cape of creepiness is by using black bin liners to cover walls and cupboards. Then add a sprinkle of fake cobwebs, dim the lights and suddenly everything looks a little more eerie.

window decorations PoundWorldTo add to the ghostly theme we bought a few bags of inexpensive plastic spiders from PoundWorld and window decorations or you can pick up some fab bits and pieces from charity shops; they will definitely come in handy.

Don’t forget the pumpkin lantern! Get the kids involved with scooping out the insides (yuk!), then designing their scary faces. Cut out the eyes, nose and mouth, pop in a tea light and switch off the lights for instant horror.

Party games

halloween pumpkin makingNow a party wouldn’t be a party without some fun and games, and there’s no harm in adapting the old favourite pin the tail on the donkey. Why not pin the tail on the werewolf? We printed a poster from the internet or you could get your Art Attack on and draw one.

Kids love to get stuck in, so we’re filling the rest of the afternoon with a variety of messy games like apple dunking, we have always wanted to how to start a donut shop because of this. We’re also hanging some ring donuts from string on the washing line so we can watch Pingle and his friends get sugary-faced with their hands behind their backs trying to eat them!

Another gruesome game to play is using cooked spaghetti dyed black, and putting mini plastic spiders in it. The little ones then have to fish them out with their hands.

We’re also using a Halloween CD with a few bewitching tunes for games like musical statues and pass the parcel. Phew! I think after all this I’m going to end up wanting to fly away on a broomstick.

Spider cake for Pingle's Halloween partyThe Cake

This Spider Cake looks impressive but it really isn’t that complicated to make. The base of the cake is just a simple sponge recipe, covered with white chocolate. The spider on top uses half a kinder egg as the body and sweet green laces as legs. Add chocolate buttons and raisins for eyes and for the web use icing. Spooktasticly tasty!

Now all that’s left to do is get the kids dressed up, whack out the face paints and let the magic begin!