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How to get the best deals or cut costs on your utilites, mortgage and car

duel fuel

Are dual fuel plans always the cheapest option?

Energy companies want customers to buy both their electricity and their gas, so they reward those who take out ‘dual fuel’ plans with ‘loyalty’...
car insurance

Car insurance: 5 things you need to know

The cost of car insurance has shot up in recent years. However, it’s a legal requirement if you have a car in the UK...
first time buyers

First-time buyers: Fees and costs

Buying your first property can be an expensive thing to do, so it’s important to be aware of all the potential costs you will...
water meters

Prepayment and water meters: Are they worth it?

Energy bills can be one of the biggest drains on our family income, and sometimes paying by meter can help us budget or cut...
Help for first time buyers

Budget 2012: Chancellor champions help for first-time buyers

Climbing on to the property ladder is a real struggle, but Chancellor George Osborne has offered some respite, using his Budget to push a scheme...
fuel prices

Budget 2012: Misery for millions of motorists

When you need a car to take the kids safely to school, drive to work and ferry the family around, it can be hard...
the right mortgage

How to choose between tracker and fixed mortgages

Many mortgage lenders are offering cheaper deals on fixed-rate mortgages, but with interest rates low, a tracker mortgage might seem a more affordable bet. We...
mortgage deal

How to get the best mortgage

Buying is 16% (or more than £100 a month) cheaper than renting – as long as you have the right mortgage, according to research...
Family on a sofa

Buy now, pay later – is it a good idea?

When finances are tight, finding enough cash to pay for things in full could be a challenge. Buy now, pay later schemes will enable...
payment plan

Why you should make your own payment plans

If you let other people run your payment plans you are simply lining other people’s pockets. If you set up your own monthly payment...
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