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How to get the best deals or cut costs on your utilites, mortgage and car


Mortgage Guide – When To Make Changes

Mortgages are a complicated subject. Most of us stick with the one we’ve got because it’s easier. But in actual fact, making changes to...
Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis Asks Are You Better Off Overpaying Your Mortgage?

Do you have a mortgage and savings? If so, it’s almost certain this is the moment to change strategy. Saving rates are dire and...
food bank

Help feed families in need this Christmas

Hopefully you'll be spending Christmas Day surrounded by food, family and presents. But some families won’t be so lucky. In fact, more families than...
Solve your Christmas debt hangover

Cure your Christmas debt hangover

Got Christmas debts to pay off? Shifting your debt to a 0% ‘balance transfer’ credit card can save you £100s (or even £1,000s) of...
fuel prices

Budget 2012: Misery for millions of motorists

When you need a car to take the kids safely to school, drive to work and ferry the family around, it can be hard...
buy or rent

Buy or rent: Which makes sense, and when?

The decision as to whether to buy a home or continue renting is not one to be taken lightly. Although the right choice is...
WaterSure Grant

WaterSure and other help to pay your water bill

Need help paying your water bill? You may qualify for a WaterSure grant. There are also other ways water companies can cut your costs. If...

Switch Energy Supplier: A Simple Guide To Save You £100s Per Year

With ever rising gas and electricity prices there has never been a better time to switch energy supplier! Read our guide which could help...
payment plan

Why you should make your own payment plans

If you let other people run your payment plans you are simply lining other people’s pockets. If you set up your own monthly payment...
reduce bills

How can I save money and reduce bills?

When making the big leap from being an employee to become self-employed I knew there were sacrifices to make. The main one was cutting costs:...
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