Home & bills

Home & bills

How to get the best deals or cut costs on your utilites, mortgage and car

the right mortgage

How to choose between tracker and fixed mortgages

Many mortgage lenders are offering cheaper deals on fixed-rate mortgages, but with interest rates low, a tracker mortgage might seem a more affordable bet. We...
unfair bank charges

Infographic: How to avoid unfair bank charges

We recently told you about a Which? investigation that has ‘shattered the myth’ of free banking. According to the report, UK current account holders...
free home insualtion

Cut your energy bill by getting FREE home insulation

The annual round of energy price hikes have started alongside mixed messages from the government over how to deal with the issue, leaving...
reduce your electricity bill

How to reduce your electricity bill

If your electricity bill is beyond a joke, follow these 10 simple steps and you'll soon be saving both energy and cash. It's perfectly...

BT broadband packages: Best deals and offers

As a family we all like to feel connected wherever we are. But what if we could connect without the huge price tag? MyFamilyClub...
what is the green deal

What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a new way to cut energy bills and make your home more energy efficient - at no upfront cost. Is...
car running costs

Save money on your car-running costs

Since it's now impossible to find cheap petrol, here are five other ways to drive down your car-running costs to help you make up...
b&q promotion and competition

Get free tiling tuition from B&Q

The summer holidays for many of us mean time for home improvements… but this doesn’t need to come with high bills. Save money by...
mortgage deal

How to get the best mortgage

Buying is 16% (or more than £100 a month) cheaper than renting – as long as you have the right mortgage, according to research...
Cut The Cost Of Your Mortgage

Martin Lewis On How To Cut The Cost Of Your Mortgage

Martin Lewis shares his views with MyFamilyClub readers on 'How To Cut The Cost Of Your Mortgage'. Is now the perfect time to cut...
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