How many times can you watch Toy Story 2?


My two and a half year old nephew Felix is obsessed with Toy Story 2. All he wants to do when he comes to visit is watch it.

My sister is quite strict with him and he’s not allowed to watch too many cartoons. I am a softer touch, so have personally seen Toy Story 2 more times than I care to remember. I’ve tried to get him to watch the original Toy Story as well as Toy Story 3 (not to mention a plethora of other cartoons). but it simply has to be Toy Story 2. For him, life is all about Buzz Lightyear.

In preparation for the next time he visits I’m researching top Buzz Lightyear-inspired activities which he’ll hopefully love, will keep him away from the TV, and won’t cost the earth:

1. A trip to the Science Museum, London

Entrance is free.  Here you can explore Space (Buzz’s home) tracing the story of the space rocket (or Buzz’s ship) and probe the rest of the Solar System (infinity and beyond!) They also have a dedicated, interactive area for toddlers called The Garden. Perfect for Felix and his Buzz Lightyear action figure to play in.

2. Eureka, West Yorkshire

For those of you further north (including Felix’s Granny), Eureka is not to be missed. It’s £3.45 for a toddler, £9.95 for adults. They have a SoundSpace gallery where you can meet Orby the Alien (a friend of Buzz’s!)

3. Make & Do!

Make a Buzz Lightyear rocket with a kitchen roll tube, an old cereal box, paper, felt tips and tape! There are lot of great make and do websites with ideas and print outs to help from Mister Maker, to CBeebies, to our very own MyFamilyClub Make & Do.

4. Watch Smories

Smories is a fab new website where children have been filmed telling stories for other children to watch. The plan is to put Felix in his Buzz Lightyear costume, get him to recite a favourite Buzz story and then upload this – he loves watching himself almost as much as he loves Buzz, so this will be a winner.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Any other suggestions or tips do let me know by commenting below!