How to have a baby shower on a budget

Sue Hayward

Sue HaywardI do love a chance to catch up with the girls and enjoy a glass of bubbly and a gorgeous cupcake but the ongoing trend for baby showers can dent your baby budget.

Yet another press release from a ‘baby shower’ company has just pinged into my inbox.   Promising a sumptuous spread of cakes and fizz, you’re looking at  £20 plus a head, while a hotel-run baby shower sports a price tag of around £40 a head.

Now, while this all sounds like fabulous fun, at the risk of looking like a party pooper is it fair to ask friends to shell out for a posh tea when they may already have a family pulling at their purse strings?

And as with most invitations, they come coupled with the present dilemma.  Does popping along to a baby shower mean shelling out on a gift when surely just a few weeks later you’re bound to be bowling up again bearing presents post-baby?

So here’s how I reckon you can enjoy your baby shower without drowning in the cost:

  • Posh cupcakes cost pounds from fancy bakeries but Asda have a fabulous range with Strawberry Glitter and Vanilla Butterfly versions for 75p each.
  • Top notch champers sells for £30 a pop, so switch to sparkling Prosecco for a small glass each.  I’ve found a great one at Waitrose for £11.99 which made fantastic Bucks Fizz.
  • baby showerFor sandwiches and cakes order ready-made platters from M&S.  A 20 piece ‘petite patisserie’ selection costs £10 and a sandwich platter (the equivalent of five packs) is £12.
  • Fancy some pampering too? Check spa deals online or ask if your local beauty salon offers a home ‘party’ service so you can all have your nails done.
  • And cut the cost by saying ‘no presents’, but ask everyone to chip in!

Sue Hayward is a money and consumer broadcaster, journalist and author. Sue writes and talks on family finance on both radio and television and contributes to many of the women’s magazines and money websites.  Sue’s written two books, the latest of which is ‘How To Get The Best Deal’.