I want that winter coat!


winter coatIt’s suddenly freezing! Where exactly did the summer go? And what on earth did I wear last winter to keep me warm?

My wardrobe is empty and I’m in desperate need of a new winter coat – the priciest item in most people’s wardrobe!

The coat I’ve been eyeing up is from Reiss and it’s not cheap, but I love it and want it! So I’ve done a little research to help myself (and MyFamilyClub visitors!) find a terrific deal on that perfect winter coat:

  • Not all shopping centers are created equal – many have damaged, outdated or irregular stock. Have a search online for your nearest (usually out of town) retail outlet.
  • Work the Internet. MyFamilyClub has a Shopping Directory launching soon and thousands of voucher codes to browse through. eBay and Amazon are the traditional powerhouses to also browse for the best deals.
  • Go vintage. Shop at your local charity shop, be inspired by Kate Moss, and while you’re at it, drop off the coat you no longer love for a good cause.
  • Double up. Waiting for sales is always a good idea, but you can save even more by using vouchers with sale prices. Sign up for your local department store emails and keep your eyes peeled for sale dates.
  • Shop off-season and keep to classic designs. Don’t wait until the last minute for a good coat. Usually, a good bet for the best buys is to think: “I wouldn’t wear a coat now. It’s too hot.”

That’s the coat done, now onto the winter boots…