Movie buff? Get the latest DVD releases for less

latest dvd releases

latest dvd releasesSometimes the best way to get a bit of peace and quiet during the summer holidays is simply to stick the kids on the sofa in front of a good film.

But accessing the latest DVD releases can prove costly if you don’t know where to look. Here, we look at the various options available for families keen to access great home movies for less.


Lovefilm allows you to rent the latest DVD releases by post, or pay to watch them online. It offers potential users a 30-day free trial – so you could get free films for a full month.

After the free trial is over, a montly charge will kick in – choose the one that suits you best as there are a range of options, including £4.99 a month for online streaming and £7.99 a month for DVD and video game rental on top.


Blockbuster video stores have gone online – allowing you to get its films and video games delivered to your door and find pre-owned copies of recent films, at a fraction of the price.

There is a free 14-day trial for new customers, so couple this with the Lovefilm offer and you could even get family movies for free for a month and a half.

You must remember the fee will kick in after 14 days, so if you don’t want to start paying you’ll need to cancel your subscription.


With more than 26 million streaming members in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Netflix, is the world’s biggest home movie subscription service.

Its prices start from £5.99 a month for an online streaming package offering access to the latest DVD releases.

Tesco DVD rental

Tesco’s home movies service allows you to have up to one, two or three DVDs or games at a time. Delivery is free of charge and you can cancel the service at any time.

A free trial is available, while unlimited DVDs at a rate of one at a time costs £9.47 a month, or £10.47 if you want to be able to rent games too.

Alternatively, you can choose the Tesco Value DVD Rental plan, costing £4.47 for two discs a month or £7.47 for four discs per month.


Blinkbox is a no-subscription movie streaming service with which you pay for what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, without being tied in to a monthly deal.

All you have to do is create an account and select the movies or TV you want. There are even some free movies to choose from – although you won’t find the latest releases in this section.

Movie channels

You can access many of the latest DVD releases by signing up for a TV package that includes the Sky Movies channels.

However, while so-called entertainment packs with Sky, Virgin Media or BT Vision cost as little as £6 a month (for 75 channels with Virgin), you will pay extra for dedicated Movies channels such as Classics, Family and Premiere.

With Virgin, for example, it costs £14.50 more a month, while with Sky it’s an extra £16.