My journey to BBC Breakfast

Charlotte Vaughan

Charlotte VaughanMy journey to BBC Breakfast started on Friday afternoon with the call from my office.  BBC Breakfast was debating the cost of bringing up children on their Saturday programme and they would like MyFamilyClub to share some of their money saving tips for families.

I thought that this was a fab opportunity and one we couldn’t miss but then I also remembered that I had two three year-olds in the back of my car that both needed some dinner and there was no food in the fridge.

The thought of being on the BBC sofa made me slightly anxious.  I needed to sort out childcare and get to Salford pretty quickly. Suddenly I had a lot of balls to juggle and wondered just how I was going to make a train within the next hour!  So I made some telephone calls, dashed to the supermarket, packed a suitcase and headed to the station to get the train to Manchester from Winchester which the BBC had booked for me.

After a four hour train journey and taxi ride through Manchester to Media City in Salford, I arrived at the hotel at 11pm.  I had to get up at 4.30am and duly set my alarm clock but I couldn’t drift of as I was just a bit too excited to sleep.  Suddenly going on live television seemed a reality and I wanted to make sure I remembered all of our money saving tips to share in the interview.

The next morning I got up in what seemed like the dead of night to share the BBC Breakfast sofa with Save the Children. The charity had recently had a lot of press due to launching the very first UK-only campaign.  As I sat there listening to the shocking statistics about child poverty I wondered how I could communicate how important money saving is and especially at this time.

I wanted to share my advice for making the family budget go further and how as a busy Charlottemum myself I’m always on the look-out for bargains and deals and I understand what pressure we’re all under in these tough economic times.

We speak to mums every day who are trying to juggle all the pressures of raising a family within tight budgets and somehow have to get through Christmas too.

As parents, we can’t feel pressured to buy the latest gadget and gizmo for our children and there are ways to still give our children memories at this festive time without spending a fortune.  You don’t need to pay full price for anything now – there are so many discounts available and at MyFamilyClub and we always make sure to find the best deals, discounts and offers – and even freebies! – for families.

I recently visited our local car boot sale and managed to pick up some fantastic toys for my daughter, from a vintage dolls’ house to some good quality books – a bit of a clean-up and my daughter won’t know the difference.  She will still smile on Christmas Day and wake us all up at 4am!

Like most mums I know that Christmas can be bittersweet. And although I can’t wait to spend time with my family and friends, the growing costs of bills means that all the Christmas extras makes this time a struggle.  It’s essential that families are that little bit more organised to make their money go further and that’s why I think our Savings Pack is a real life saver.

By getting a Savings Pack, you’ll receive up to 10% discount in high street stores like Boots and Marks and Spencer for a whole year. I’ve used my Savings Pack as a way to plan and budget for Christmas and I’ve been loading up the gift cards for the last six months for places like Toys ‘R’ Us, Boots, Marks and Spencer and New Look,  which means that my discounts our coming in now that I’m doing the bulk of my Christmas shop.

We’ll keep banging the drum about how important it is for families to take every step to make sure that they are saving money in the smartest way possible. But I might think twice about doing another midnight dash to Manchester!