Olympic torch brings a buzz to MyFamilyClub

Jess Neale

Jess NealeWorking in London you can literally feel the buzz of the Olympics (and I’m beginning to feel the delays too!) but this morning was the first time I really got into the Olympic spirit of things.

As I strolled along past St Paul’s toward the office I was shocked by the amount of people that had ventured out to do a bit of torch spotting. Our offices were in prime location for the torch relay and I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the action.

olympic torch crowdsCrowds of people lined the streets, traffic blared and the helicopter hovered overhead… and then came the flashing lights and the rumble of cheers. A whole precession emerged with a couple of buses pumping out music, an Olympic mascot or two and then finally the torch bearer himself. It was pretty exciting stuff! We even got to see the handover – although as you can tell by the pictures you had to be a giant to get a good view!

Unfortunately I’m not lucky enough to have tickets to any Olympic events at the stadium but my experience this morning motivated me to get involved more – it is a once in a lifetime event after all. There are plenty of ways to celebrate the games for free and here’s how I plan to go about it…

Watch the sporting events for free

Even without a ticket there are still lots of Olympic events to go to for free. I might head down to Hyde Park and watch the triathlon, or maybe even the road racing this weekend. For a full list of what’s going on take a look at our guide to free Olympic events.

Check out the big screens

Having been fortunate enough to get (free!) tickets to the Diamond Jubilee concert I can vouch for the electricity generated by the crowds and the fantastic atmosphere at these kinds of events. A great way to experience this is by watching at one of the big screens up and down the country.

Join in with the London 2012 festival

It’s not just sport themed events that are happening in celebration of this prestigious year, you’ll find a whole host of experiences and spectacles to enjoy across the UK. I love dancing so I’ll be watching The Big Dance event, but there is something for everyone from theatre workshops through to discovering the science behind a good running shoe! Take a look at our guide to London 2012 events and find out what’s on near you.

Have a go at home

jasmine egg and spoonMy nieces and nephews have been involved in their own Olympic themed sports days through school and nursery and Lady Baby was quite a whizz at the egg and spoon as you can see. They’re always so full of energy and I’m sure I’ll be roped in to some kind of mini Olympic style contests. This article has given me some fantastic ideas for a home Olympics contest.