Should I go on loving Love Film?


It’s awards season and I’ve been studying the dresses on the red carpet with envy – so far Angelina Jolie’s Versace dress at the Golden Globes has been my favourite, although the accessory on her arm (Brad Pitt) certainly helped!

Award season means that all the good films come out at once, and for those of us who love a good movie it can be costly and difficult to find the time to see them all.  So far I’ve seen The Iron Lady (Meryl Streep was brilliant, but it was a slightly disappointing and unfairly sympathetic film), as well as The Artist – a truly brilliant film that made my heart sing.

I’m very unlikely to get to see all films tipped for an Oscar, but as a member of Love Film I’ll be sure to have them on order.

I’ve been a non-questioning member of Love Film for over a year now, but is it still the best and cheapest way to watch films? I’ve done a little research:


Relatively new to the UK market for £5.99 a month, you can watch whatever content you like online, as often as you like, you can even connect through Facebook and see what your friends are watching. At present the selection of films isn’t that great, the TV show selection isn’t bad though.

Love Film

watching film on tvI pay £8.16 a month for my package and get discs in the post as well as eight hours online. The selection of films is extensive, it’s easy to browse and you can prioritise which discs get sent. One annoyance is when you order TV series you get one disc at a time – so it can take an age to work your way through a box set!

Your local library

My local library is poor. I’ve a friend in Hackney where the libraries have a good reputation, and she gets DVDs for free. They have a good selection too apparently!

Other options

Alas, my local DVD shop (wasn’t even that local) has now closed down.

There is a host of new online merchants hitting the market from You Tube (rather expensive at around £3.50 a rental) to Blinkbox (again not the cheapest at over £3 for the average rental). Then there is HMV with HMV On-demand, Virgin Media with its own movies on demand and Film 4 has Film4OD.  Film selections aren’t great and costs again are around £3.

So for the time being I’m sticking with loving Love Film!

If you want to give it a go, you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial for new members.