Techie toddler entertainment


A few months back my nephew Felix was a real wriggler. It was mission impossible to change his nappy. The best way I found was to give him my iPhone – he was mesmerised by it, the wriggling stopped and the nappy was changed quickly!

He’s now two and a half and is more technologically savvy than his Granny. He knows when he sees a triangle on my iPhone screen he is to press play and he loves flicking through my photos and Apps.

Apps are a great way to keep little ones entertained for hours! Devices can be expensive – so do look at comparison engines to find the best dealsfelix concentrating and barter your phone provider down, apps themselves are cheaper and longer lasting than books, toys or traditional games.

With Felix’s help I’ve been looking at the best ones on the market, here are my top five:

Cinderella by Noisy Crow, £5.49

The characters can be tapped to hear them speak and move around the scenes, each with their own music theme. Felix now knows this story well, he’s not old enough to read it but he understands how it should flow and work. This is a brilliant app for teaching little ones about a good story.

Elmo’s Monster Maker by Sesame Street, £2.49

For this app you can choose a monster body and touch its face to give it eyes, a nose and a hat. When you’re done Elmo sings and dances with your monster. It is adorable, creative and lots of fun for Felix and me.

The Beano Comic by D C Thomson, Free beano app

A great free app featuring one of my favourite characters from childhood; mischievous Dennis is an iconic hero for parents and kids alike. Back issues of the magazine are free to browse and you can subscribe to new issues for £1.49. It is perfect for both little ones to flick through and to engage older reluctant readers. Great value and hours of fun!

My very first App by Chorion, £1.49

This app is based on Eric Carle’s My First Book Series, which itself is based on the best book of all time (in mine and Felix’s opinion) The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This app is a selection of matching games which you can play at three levels of difficulty. Felix loves this as he recognises the distinctive and bold illustrations. Good fun and educational.

the cat in the hatThe Cat in the Hat by Ocean House Media, £2.49

An amazing rhythmic tale brought to life – read the story yourself, listen to it being read or watch words zoom up as they are spoken. Felix loves this story and the auto play keeps him entertained for a long while!