Tesco voted UK’s worst supermarket

uk best supermarket

Tesco has been voted the worst supermarket in the UK – but which was voted the best? Find out how they rank – and how to get the most out of your supermarket shop.

It may be Britain’s biggest supermarket chain, but according to shoppers it’s also the worst.

Over 11,000 members of the consumer watchdog Which? were asked to rate Britain’s supermarkets, taking into account things like customer service, fresh produce quality, range of product choice, store environment and value for money.

Shoppers criticised the supermarket chain – which accounts for £1 out of every £8 spent in the UK – for having dreary stores, inadequate fresh produce, poor customer service and for being pricey.

Tesco accounts for £1 out of every £8 spent in the UK

While Tesco came out bottom with an overall rating of 45%, Waitrose topped the pile with a high score of 82%, with full marks for its customer service and standard of fresh produce.

It wasn’t just supermarkets with a ‘posh’ reputation that did well, though.

Discount supermarket chains Aldi and Lidl came second and third in the survey, scoring 74% and 69% respectively.

The full rankings are as follows:

  • Waitrose 82%
  • Aldi  74%
  • Lidl 69%
  • Marks & Spencer 68%
  • Morrisons 59%
  • Sainsbury’s 58%
  • Asda 53%
  • The Co-operative 48%
  • Tesco 45%

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A Tesco spokeswoman said: “Millions of customers shop regularly with Tesco and we are always looking at ways to improve their shopping experience.

“We have made a £1bn commitment to make Tesco better for our UK customers and since this survey in October 2012, we have had an encouraging Christmas and New Year and are delivering further improvements this year.”

The biggest bugbear of customers was that supermarkets don’t keep special offers simple, with stores making it hard to compare prices due to different unit measurements being used on products.

Get the most out of your supermarket shop

A good first step to take is to cut the cost of your weekly essentials – so make sure you check our best buys on your weekly shop page each week.

It’s also worth using a supermarket shopping list – and did you know that you can now get paid for shopping for your groceries?

Finally, don’t fall for rubbish multibuy deals, and have a quick peek at these 10 tips on saving on your supermarket shop.

Do you think the survey got it right? What are your supermarket tips? Let us know in the comments below!