The £500 moment


Leo“Remove me from the list. I wish to pay no more.”

And that is just how easy it was. The world didn’t implode and my friends didn’t desert me. Yes, dear people, I have cancelled my monthly gym subscription. But this is not all I have cut out of my life, oh no sir-ee. I have also removed the need for parting with money for, and (much to the annoyance of my wife) the weekly cleaner.

Mentally totting it all up, this comes to around £200 a month back in my skyrocket. Couple this with riding my bike and no longer using public transport for getting to work (currently fixed at £131.40), and making my own lunches (a cost that easily comes in at around £150), I am, in theory, better off by a hair’s breadth away from £500 a month.

But it’s not quite that simple really, is it? After all, the lunches have to come from somewhere as they sure ain’t free, and the bike didn’t simply fall off a tree.

But, on balance, over time I am pretty significantly better off. Apart from one factor that wipes out all the additional savings… Childcare. Oh my how expensive that is! It just feels like all I’ve done is borrow money from Peter to pay Paul.

cycle to workOne nice thing that’s come out of it all is that the walk down to the day care for my Small Human is pretty much the only time I get her all to myself. I saunter down the road carrying her while attempting to get her to say ‘Da-da’ and the local school children smirk at this ridiculous character in a mish-mash of cycle gear and normal clothes. Once I get there I hand her over (there’s still an expression of “Erm… what’s going on here?” on her face) and I wander back home to pick up my bike.

Yes, on balance, for this lovely little moment in my day I don’t mind that all I’ve really done is juggle some money around.