There were two in the bed and the little one keeps rolling over


My nephew Felix stayed over this weekend. It was mission impossible trying to get him to sleep in his travel cot. He simply had to sleep in the bed with me. I’m afraid to say I gave up after a while.

I’d put him in the middle of the bed and a second later he was right by my side, kicking and wriggling in his sleep. I’d move him back to the middle of the bed and another second later he was breathing heavily into my ear. Very cute, but at 3am it’s exhausting.

At 6:45am he was awake shouting that is was yellow outside and time to get up. There was no convincing him to go back to sleep.

In preparation for the next time he stays over, here are five things I’ll be trying in the hopes of getting a good night’s sleep:

1. Ear plugs

I’ll certainly be getting a good pair!

2. A Reward chart

Felix loves stickers, so he’ll get an extra big one on his reward chart if he stays in his own bed.

3. A blanket over my curtains

My curtains let in too much light, so I’ll be covering the window to avoid any shouting about it being yellow outside.

4. Bribery

Felix will get an extra story if he stays in his cot!

5. Really fast running in the day time

Before bed I’ll make sure Felix is well fed and is very tired from an afternoon of chasing Aunty Rebecca.

Any tips, I’d love to hear them…