Water savings this Thrifty Thursday

Jess Neale

Jess NealeThrifty Thursday is all about ways to save  money and that is just what we at MyFamilyClub are all about. Whether it’s a top tip on how to get thrifty savings on your weekly shop, a way to save on your household bills, a DIY room decoration, clothes swap or other nifty thrifty finds, we love hearing them.

With the recent hosepipe ban coming into force and the nation beginning to quake in their boots at the water drought, my attention has turned to the savings to be had.

tap water flowingWe have a water meter and it seems to work out for us, saving money on those archaic rates-based water bills. However, it’s not for everyone – as a general rule if you have more bedrooms than people living in your humble abode you could be saving pennies, or pounds in our case!

If you are on a water meter then it’s definitely worth checking if you are eligible for Water-Sure reductions. It means a tariff which caps your bills if you’re on benefits and looking after more than three little monsters.

Saving water really can save you money so I’ve put together some thrifty tips:

  • Use a water butt. In our house (or should I say garden) we have two water butts (these are water barrels in which you collect rainwater) and we use it to water the plants that the dog hasn’t eaten in the garden. Definitely handy when there is a hosepipe ban enforced!
  • Stop running that tap while you brush your teeth. So much water is wasted… about five litres per minute in fact; that makes you think twice.
  • Never a problem with me as I am an official laundry hoarder, but one way to save is by stuffing your washing machine full (not overfull) to get the most efficiency out of it. An efficient washer is also a must, so check out these best buy washing machines.
  • Is your car looking a bit grubby? Can’t be bothered to waste water and wash it? Try this waterless car wash.
  • Each person in the UK uses up about 150 litres of water every day – scary stuff! A clever gizmo that will help you stop pouring money down the drain is having a Waterpebble to monitor your usage and make savings by cutting your shower time.
  • Save a litre of water every time you flush the loo by putting in a special gadget available in the free pack given by your water company.
  • Only fill the kettle with enough water for the number of cups you require, or just make a cup of tea for everyone!

I’ve really enjoyed joining in with the #thriftythursday fun on twitter and if you’ve got any top money savings tips remember to share them with us for the @MyFamilyClub twitter party between 1-2pm, or why not join our community to have your say.