When you can give supermarkets a run for their money


Lorraine HellerAt what time of day can you save £20 just by hanging around in the right place at the right time?

The answer to that question is 6pm in Waitrose, according to a highly unscientific, totally blind, uncontrolled study involving just me.

OK, so maybe that’s not the most accurate way to measure savings, but the fact is that if you shop at the supermarket at the right time of day you are in for a good chance of saving huge amounts on your shopping. In fact, a third of us do just this, according to a new survey.

Deals culture

Poundland polled 2,000 women this month to find out about their shopping habits. And they found that one in three of us go shopping only at times of day when we know the prices will be reduced.

Quite worryingly, they also found that those of us that would call ourselves ‘savvy shoppers’ probably spend 130 days of our lives searching for good shopping deals.

supermarketSo next time you wander the aisles or check multiple stores looking for the right deal, spare a thought for the hours you’re clocking up! Apparently, 10 years ago we’d only spend five minutes checking and comparing prices – but today 96% of women will visit up to 3 stores before deciding to buy.

One in ten women will also try haggling – even though ‘negotiating’ could be a better way to describe it, and it would save you £100 on presents this Christmas!

Discount times

But if, like me, you don’t like haggling and you don’t really have the time to browse multiple stores, you can still make great savings by turning up at the supermarket at the right time.

And that time tends to be early evening. Although ‘discount times’ vary depending on the supermarket, the day and the location, it is generally towards the end of the day that supermarkets will slash the prices on all stock they want to get rid of.

Discounts are always on perishable items – anything that is nearing its ‘use by’ date and needs to leave the building. All supermarkets do it: I’ve found discounts at Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco and Waitrose, and have bought meat, cheese, yoghurt, fruit and veg at massive discounts.discount flowers

But best of all, sometimes I’m lucky enough to find discounted flowers. Earlier this year I found this gorgeous bunch of lisianthus from Waitrose for less than £1.

Now wouldn’t that put a smile on your face?