Where to get your weekly bargains and freebies

Lorraine Heller

Lorraine HellerWe all like bargains, and we love freebies. And if ever there was a benefit to come out of these times of austerity, it’s bargains and freebies!

As we keep our money carefully zipped away, companies seem to be falling over themselves to try to get us to start spending on their brands again. Nowadays you can’t seem to turn a corner or a page without finding offers, vouchers, discounts and freebies jumping out at you.

It’s got to the point where I’m actually disappointed if I walk through London’s Waterloo Station on my daily commute and don’t have a freebie thrown  at me.

The goodies I’ve collected over the weeks just by walking through Waterloo have included cereal, yoghurt, coffee, body clay (apparently a ‘luxury’ beauty item), shaving cream (darling, I got you a present…), and even a £5 eye test – which I promptly discarded when I arrived at my local station and was handed a voucher for a FREE eye test from a local optician!

Once you start opening your eyes to all the deals to be had, you kick yourself thinking about all that money you’ve wasted simply by not taking advantage of discounts.

So here are five things you can start doing today to make sure you get your fair share of bargains and freebies:

1. Best price check

Don’t just go to the supermarket and buy what you need. Make a list of your essential items (the things you buy a lot of, frequently) and find out where you can buy these cheapest. As it happens, we’ve already done that work for you – this ‘best buys’ page is updated weekly with all the best prices on family essentials, so check it before you shop!

2. Smart voucher shopping

Go one step further and start actively seeking out vouchers and coupons for the items you buy frequently. If you have a little time to spare to gather the deals, you could save yourself heaps of money. Find out how our shopping expert Debbie O’Connor saves £40 a week on her grocery shop: Download this free eBook on Discount Shopping with Vouchers and Coupons (you’ll need to sign up to MyFamilyClub for free to access this).

3. Discounts on days out

Next time you travel by train or coach, check out which deals are available to you. Currently National Express and National Rail are offering great deals on days out in London. Take the kids to some of London’s best attractions, like London Zoo or Madame Tussauds, for a fraction of the normal price.

4. Weekly deals and discountsdiscount coupon

Every week there are dozens of discount offers available for all our favourite brands. Keep an eye on this list of the week’s best deals and discounts to make sure you’re saving money on the things you plan to buy.