Why shopping makes more sense than exercise

Lorraine Heller

Lorraine HellerOne thing I hate is exercise. I’m sure my colleague Leo (MyFamilyClub’s fitness freak) would cough and splutter at the mere hint of someone saying that, but there it is.

But of course, we all know it’s important to get our hearts racing every so often, right? My solution to this dilemma is shopping.

Yes, that’s right dear ladies, shopping. Because it seems that when we find a bargain we get so excited that our hearts start fluttering, according to a recent study by Dr Lewis the neuropsychologist.

So, where to start? Well, as it happens, you can start right here. It seems I’m not alone in my desire to shop for bargains – we’re always doing research to understand what’s top of the priority list for MyFamilyClub members, and guess what? Mums and dads want us to do the bargain hunting legwork, and deliver the best deals of the week to their inbox.

So, of course, that is just what we’ve done.

Here’s how to cut your shopping bills with MyFamilyClub:

1. Deals Table

Find the lowest prices on things you buy most frequently at the supermarket. From nappies to dog food to washing powder, it’s listed here. Every week, we do the research on which supermarket is offering the best deals and promotions on these items, so before you shop make sure you check the Deals Table, which is updated weekly.

2. Flash Sale

You’ve also asked us to secure great deals and discounts on luxury items or useful household goods. So we’ll be negotiating these for you on a regular basis, starting with these boutique baby clothes from Olive&Moss, which you can buy for half price. Flash sales for any particular item will stay on our site for as long as stocks last, so if you like something you’d better act before it’s gone!

3. Week’s best discounts

Mums are always on the lookout for vouchers, coupons, promotions and special offers. But it’s a time-consuming process so we’re doing it for you! We’ve asked a savvy mum of two (known to us as My Mummy Saver) to trawl the web and the papers every week and gather the week’s top discounts. Enjoy!

4. Week’s top freebies

While she’s at it, My Mummy Saver is also hunting for the best freebies and competitions around. Find all your family’s free treats right here, in our weekly top freebie listing.

With all of that, who needs exercise?!